How an Egg Banjo should be made...

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Gundulph, Sep 24, 2008.

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  2. FFS. What a waste of space that frying pan was in our 432!
  3. Use an old style (MB) mess tin and the egg ends up the same shape as a slice of bread
  4. Tried it U_R, you need at least 3 in there at the same time to fill the bottom of the mess tin to a reasonable Banjo thickness...
  5. Mind you, that geezer must be a bit of a dab hand to do it in stereo.

  6. They should be made in the back of the four tonner on the cooker installed by the welder, cooked by the reccy mechs and then sold to the planks on the range at an extortionate price that would really pay for a steak dinner.
  7. This needs to be in the Ally Star thread.
  8. 4 tonner or the ole 1 tonney is the ideal location agreed.. loaf of white bread stolen from the back doors of co op whilst on MQ's patrol, splattered with curry ketchup from Gewurz i believe or maggi if all else fails.
    Then round it off with a steaming mug of naafi tea Nato standard, and a nice kip on a sticky green plasti mattress till ya face is stuck to it
    Quallity farting tackle all round! :twisted:
  9. They simply don't taste the same without the XG279 handprint on the top slice of bread from the operator closing it all up, it's the only way it feels right anymore.
  10. How about a reminiscent sandwich,
    an old egg slapped onto bread that is just going mouldy buttered with Eros - cooked by the Gimpy Gunner who is soaked from the rain, all made from ingredients left out after the Chef has gone to bed at dawn. Not the Chefs fault as the resup chopper is overdue and anyway he has just finished a patrol as a team was short of a rifleman. Must taste slightly of gun oil and have visible cam cream stains but still, i never saw one get refused or fail to Banjo