How accurate are these MAP examples for AOSB?


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Yeah looks similar to what we had on AOSB - they're not supposed to be too difficult because you have to rattle off a lot of answers in a small space of time.
To be honest, the PDF gives a very basic overview to it. Yes, the questions are organised in a way which reflects that quite nicely. But the questions are a bit tougher and there's quite a bit of a step up between Briefing and Main Board to be honest.

Oh and as a rule of thumb: If you read the question and it takes you longer than 45 seconds to work out, just educated guess it and skip it. Often, with each question (Which has 4-5 sub questions), the 4th is tricky and the 5th will take you like 5 minutes unless you're a whizz kid. When i skipped/guessed the 5th question which I wasn't quick enough to know, the next set of questions (1,2,3 out of 5) are easy points!!!!

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