How academic is Air Tech?


Hi guys, I have a few questions about becoming an Air Tech. Im a 25 year old car mechanic and good with my hands. I am seriously thinking about applying for Air Tech but doubt I would stand upto the trade training?

Alot of you will say stop being a wimp and just give it your best shot. However I dont want to waste anyone's time. Not my time or the Army's time. How academic is the trade training? Ive heard A-Level physics and A-level maths are the standard required? GCSE Maths is hard enough for me, never mind A-Level.

Could a good mechanic, who scraped a C in GCSE maths get threw the training if they knuckle down? Or is the whole thing just a step to far for the average mechanic and more for the academic? More for the kids in top set at school as opposed to the ones in the middle of the middle set?


Thanks, thats reassuring. Was just abit worried you have to be a brain surgeon to complete the trade training. I take it you are an air tech verticalgyro? Would you say the RAF or the FAA are possibly a better career move for wannabe air techs?


if you pm me with your email address then I've got some pdf's of the maths that will give you an idea what is expected. It's not exactly the same but close enough.

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