How about this? 308 mph in a JCB!

JCB are making an attempt on the Diesel world land-speed record with a home-grown "cigar" at Bonneville salt flats. The driver is Andy Green, who I'm sure piloted some half-jet jam-jar to beyond the speed of sound not so long ago. Although I might be mistaken on that one.

I wonder when we'll see Formula One Diesels. :D :D :D

I have met the chap, right lanky bleeder. They may go faster if they adopt the jockey rule of the pilot being a midget.

its not a jcb unless it has a bucket and a 4 mile tailback behind it.
I couldn't give a sh1t about a +300mph JCB, I just want the feckers to fix mine so that they will do 20 mph, and not spew hydraulic oil all over the shop!!!

JCB, Haarrruummph, Moan, grumble, but British my arrse!, mutter, harummph, Sigh!

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!

Righty-ho, I feel a whole lot better now thats off my chest.
Oops! I see I put this in the wrong place in the NAAFI bar. Sorry for that.

I wonder if Wing Commander Green the fastest man on the planet can dig a straight trench for 300 yards to +or - 25mm. I doubt it.

Does that thing have a quick hitch or do you have to hammer pins in by hand? And does it have a radio?!!?? I wouldn't get a driver near it if it didn't have a radio.
stick a 60 ton sledge on the ARRSE end of it and send it down the track, see how far it gets....bollox to speed,
nah, do it properly Get a Volvo F16 470BHP lump stick it on the front end of a bodged up tractor chassis and see how well that goes with the sledge :D

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