How about my grades?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by P-Ride, Aug 9, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    I am awaiting my first formal interview with our local recruitment officer, then hopefully an AOSB in the next couple of months.

    My education has been a little patchy, as I was - alas - a bit of a tearaway when I was younger - being expelled from a couple of schools (setting fire to things and graffiti were particular hobbies as a nipper).

    I was never a bad kid, just a little mischievous - I’ve been into the great outdoors from a young age and was one of our year’s top Duke of Edinburgh teams. I also did army cadets for a year and separately won a trophy for being the best shot in my school year with a 2.2 rifle – and managed a reasonable set of GCSEs.

    B Mathematics
    A English Lan.
    B English Lit.
    B Physics
    C Chemistry
    B IT
    C History
    C Art

    I then took a variety of subjects whilst getting into quite a lot of trouble at 6th form college.

    I came out with:
    BTEC National Diploma in Music Performance (3 merits)
    C in A-Level in Politics
    B in AS Level Film Studies
    I believe a D in geography AS level (didn’t go to many lessons)

    I then went to university at Plymouth and studied International Relations and Politics – I got a high 2:1 in my first year, then got really into journalism – working for a large news agency supplying to the daily nationals and was nominated for a national journalism award.

    I stopped taking my studies quite so seriously and focused very much on CV building, and my work started getting downgraded for being too ‘journalistic’, which is frustrating considering some of the muppets that would get 1sts because they quoted so many academics texts.

    So I missed out on a 2:2 by 1.5% and ended up with a third! For journalism this was ok, as they’re far more concerned with CV and interview – but I had a change of heart and decided I want to apply for Officer training.

    Although I know this sounds really pretentious, I just thought I’d mention it in my defence against some fairly substandard grades so far: I’ve been IQ scored between 128 and 135 – and found out in my last year at university that I am also dyslexic, which would have been nice to know earlier.

    My current affairs are top notch, and I love fitness – although my maths needs some attention.

    What I need to know is, what about grades?

    I heard 2 full A levels at grade E and 180 UCAS points are needed.

    I have one full A level at grade C, a couple of AS levels and a bunch of UCAS points from my BTEC – totalling around 250 points – as well as my degree (although a third).

    I am confident that I interview well and have the leadership qualities they are looking for, but want to make sure I am eligible with my incoherent mish-mash of pretty piss-poor grades.

    The easiest way to resolve this would be to convert that Film Studies AS into a full A Level – which would be pretty easy, although time consuming.

    What do you guys think?

    Thanks for your time.
  2. That is an eclectic mix of qualifications, P-Ride!

    Frankly, it is down to the ACIO whether you get any further. But I reckon you will be offered a place on the AOSB on the strength of your degree, if only for the potential entertainment value... :D :D :D

    Make a good impression on the interviewing officer!

  3. I will do my best!
  4. Eclectic, is a very good description, but in the end you got a degree. Now expand by being naughty did you get cautioned, or get a criminal record ?that is where you could come unstuck. If you have a record then I am sure there is an expert on here who can give guidance on the rules at this stage and also the relevant rules under the rehabilitation of offenders act
  5. The question for which you must prepare is why you were a total prat when young and what have you done to channel that aggression into something useful. I described your qualifications as an "eclectic mix" and your interviewer might just focus on what could also be called the "dog's dinner" of qualifications in front of him/her!

    Think hard about how you present yourself, your background and your aspirations.

  6. I probably overplayed the bad behaviour aspect whilst at boarding school - technically I was 'asked to leave' from each, so this and the mischief with graffiti whilst there won't be on any records.

    However, I was cautioned for possession of several ecstasy tablets just after my 18th birthday. I ordered a copy of my record and it is the only thing on there, nothing else at all - it was ages 16-18 where I did some stupid things, mainly partying.

    For the last 4+ years I've barely even drunken alcohol, smoke nothing and wouldn't think of going near that again.

    Martial arts have been my main pre-occupation, which are entirely incompatible with that lifestyle.

    I've been interested in the army since a young age, and just went off the rails for a couple of years - I am now 23 and martial arts and journalism (mainly political) have been my entire focus for the last 4 years.

    I already asked a recruiting NCO in the city where I went to university to check out what the caution meant - I was given a 12 month conditional discharge, which only ruled me out for application during those 12 months.

    Those kind of days seem like a very distant memory, I'm really very Conservative, confident and well-presented now - and work hard to achieve my goals. I want to be sure that this is what comes through.
  7. And according to several internet sources, a conditional discharge means that I was not - technically - convicted?
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Trouble is, the army can afford to be very choosy right now...
  9. And I agree with you but, considering some of the wannabes we've had on here in recent months, the OP has better form and, perhaps, potential than most!

  10. Oi!
  11. I wasn't aiming at you.... but if the cap fits....


  12. My application can begin in less than three weeks. The time for annoying all and sundry with bone questions is at hand...
  13. [pedant mode on]Is that your politics or just a misplaced capital letter? [pedant mode off] :roll:
  14. An astute observation Roadki11 - I would call myself libertarian in ideology and Conservative as far as UK political affiliation goes. The Telegraph is certainly my pornography of choice!

    Litotes and others, I appreciate your open mindedness towards my situation - I hope it is replicated in the eyes of the chaps on the other side of the table from me going fowards. The only person who can really have any affect on their perception and decisions is me though, so I'm keen to be especially presentable and capable.

    I am sure there are fantastic potential officers from all walks of life, but -seperate to ability and testing - how reasonable a conclusion it is that being calm, well spoken and articulate in language makes a big difference?
  15. It counts for a huge amount but, lest you forget, these people are expert interviewers and are well versed in breaking young upstarts! :D

    "So, young Tarquin, you read the Torygraph, do you?"
    "Er, yes, Sir!"
    "Finished the crossword yet? Do you know, I couldn't work out 2 across? But never mind, why don't you explain why you read the Torygraph and not, say, the Sun?"
    Young Tarquin visibly relaxes... and details why he thinks the Torygraph is a better read than the Sun.
    "So, Tarquin, which newspaper do you think your soldiers read?"
    "The Sun and the Sport, Sir."
    "So, Tarquin, if they read the Sun and the Sport and you read the Torygraph, how will you ever know what they are thinking?"

    Discuss without looking like a fish out of water...

    :D :D :D