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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by copey, Apr 27, 2005.

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  1. the pay in the army is arrse, no wonder there is a shortage of men on the ground, everyone has half a dozen hats to wear these days.
    those up the top end of the chain are great at telling us how well off we are, what a crock.
    any bloke is worth £50 a day right at the bottom, just for the simple sake that he has signed most of his rights away by joining.
    pay should be worked out at £50 plus an £15 per day everytime you are promoted.
    maybe then people would actually show some real interest and the amount of people leaving would be fewer.
    your views please (and no sucking up to the system, we all know its crap)
  2. I don't entirely agree that pay is arrse for all in the army. I will however agree that soldiers should not have to rely on state benefits to survive.

    My son is an infantryman and had to rely on benefits to survive when he was married with sprogs. Unfortunately he is no longer with his family so is finding it easier to live, and thats sad!
  3. fair one, but what you have to remember is thast not all privates are 18 year old...
    some blokes join at 25 and sorry but £28 a day really is a pi$$ take
    i wouldnt get out of bed for that, and i dont see why anyone should be in a job at potentially dangerous as the forces for that miniscule amount of pay
    no wonder its undermanned !
    the people who work out the salaries need to wake up
  4. And the maths behind this are?
  5. You might be correct that £10,000 a year is too low a wage for a 25 year old Pte, but it would not be fair or possible to have a wage structure based on age. :lol:

    As I said previously, no soldier, irrespective of rank or age should have to rely on state benefits to survive. They should all be above the threshold for state benefits, so pay them a decent wage :evil:

    Of course I may be biased here, it would save me money by not having to support my son. The other benefit is wages for more senior ranks/officers would have to rise :D

    That is why it would never happen, could you imagine the PM scrapping several NHS Hospitals to increase the wage budget for the army :roll:
  6. The fact is the Army pays very well indeed. You would be hard pushed to come up with credible examples of jobs/careers in civvi st that would pay as much (with equivalent qualification/educational requirements), including the high salary increases on promotion which can be attained in such relatively short time scales.
  7. Sangreal - high pay rises on promotion? I was under the impression that most of us receive 2% on promotion - with an average promotion once every 3 years for soldiers - if they are good enough to make WO1.

    I have always marvelled at how the AFPRB always manage to equate military service to civillian trades - and annually recommend a percentage increase in line with the Govt's spending targets. Even after Gulf 2 and Trumpton service we still ended up with less than the firemen!
  8. You can hump bricks or lay blacktop for £500 per week take home FFS!! Which world do you live in? Army wages are abysmally small compared to many of their civvy counterparts, especially the skilled jobs, but out here if you want to earn a decent wage with little or no quals you can, so long as you are prepared to work for it.
  9. I have tried to avoid being blunt! - If you are thick as pig-shiite and have nothing to offer civvi st then the Army pays you well - after all it's worked for me!!!!! :lol: :wink:
  10. You can hump bricks or lay blacktop for £500 per week take home FFS!! Which world do you live in? Army wages are abysmally small compared to many of their civvy counterparts, especially the skilled jobs,

    go hump some bricks then if you dont like it, i'm in a 'skilled job' and earn around £9,000 more than my civvy counterparts, and thats while i'm in phase 2 training.
  11. I agree that £28.00 a day isa p1ss take for a 25 year old, but I seem to recall that Press Ganging was outlawed quite a few decades ago.

    This goes back to the vocation versus job thing. Who in their right mind takes the Queens Shilling thinking that they are signing on to the equivalent of a job on a building site? If you joined up expecting the pay and conditions to be the same as on civvy street, I suggest a raid of the piggy bank and a prompt PVR may be in order.

    I totally agree that Army wages are too low, but money is also used as one of the incentives for trade quals and promotion. Increasing some ones pay because of their age or length of service (if not promoted) negates that incentive and is therefore counter productive. The "dead mans shoes" argument can be used to counter this, but hey, if you can think of a better system that doesn't interfere with the financial gain through promotion system, apply for the CDS's job, I hear he's getting pissed off with it.

    Personally, I would just about get out of bed for £28.00 an hour, and wouldn't even dream about it for £28.00 a day. But I'm a civvy now so that is my prerogative. I used to bitch with the best of them when I was in about my pay, but soon realised that the best way to resolve my low pay situation was to get promoted, so that’s what I did.
  12. Yeah but you got bust again though :D
  13. Several times actually, but I couldn't survive on the pay so I had to do it all again :D
  14. Keep seeing £28 per day - where is this from? Current basic rate of pay is £37.99 per day following training. This is not bad when you take into account all the benefits avaialable to us all, ok not all but some, ok a few - here and there. Anyway £10 per day more than that being quoted. If you aint happy then you know what you need to do - follow the crowd.
  15. Living in the U.S. now, I have had the chance to see what they pay their lads here.
    While I am sure the pay could be higher in the Mob, the pay from "Uncle Sugar" is a bad joke in comparison!
    I nearly fell off my perch when I was told that an E-5 (very good mate of mine) makes only $23,000 per year (about 13,000 quid). This is after 8 years service AND deployed to sunny Iraq.
    So much for Sceptics being "over paid".