How about a ARRSE A-TEAM?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FBW, Nov 1, 2004.

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  1. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    Forget the Hollywood remake how about this one instead :)

    or even a ARRSE A-TEAM 8)

    Cole, Lucy, Bruno and Conley in A-Team Remake
    The A-team is to undergo a glamourous makeover as part of an ITV remake of the popular 1980’s action series.

    The original show, which followed the adventures of a group of renegade Vietnam veterans offering their security services to hard done by inhabitants across California, ran for over five years.

    ITV’s trendy update will see Minder star George Cole take on the lead role of Hannibal, made famous in the original series by George Peppard. Muscle-bound hardman BA Baracus is to be played by Frank Bruno, with Footballer’s Wives star Gary Lucy taking on the role of Templeton ‘The Face’ Peck. TV funnyman Brian Conley is set to play deranged pilot Howlin’ Mad Murdoch. ITV bosses refused to confirm rumours that Windsor Davies would be coming out of retirement for the role of A-Team nemesis Captain Decker.

    In the British version, the team are intent on clearing their name having been arrested by the military authorities for a crime they did not commit during the Falklands War.

    The setting is to be moved to North Yorkshire where the team are on the run from the British military police having escaped from a maximum security military prison in Port Stanley.

    The team’s trademark Chevrolet van is to change to a Bedford Rascal, in which the gang store a series of weapons including catapults, axe handles and crossbows.

    In the feature-length first episode of the new series, the team are called to help a Chinese restaurant owner in Leeds (David Yip), who is being picked on by a criminal syndicate. After an initial exchange the team are captured and imprisoned in a lock-up in Morley, from which they escape by building a mobile screwdriver canon from the leftover parts of a Black & Decker workmate and an old Flymo.

    When asked to comment Stephen J Cannell (the creator of the original series) merely pulled a piece of paper from his typewriter, threw it into the air and waited until it settled, forming a semblance of the initial of his surname.
  2. Nice one but I thought you had planned to have:

    Beebs A Baracus
    Howling Mad Slug
    Hannibal (Panguar Ban)
    Templeton (Antphilip) Peck

    Being chased by the Manchester Cop for crimes against humanity!

    Mind you I once saw a porn movie called The A team. Top notch movie!
  3. Lol! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Baddass Baracus
    Howling Mad Doh Nut
    Hannibal Stella
    Templeton Flashy 8)
  5. Axe handles? Catapults? This isn't "Monty Python," folks.


    It's not the "A-Team" without plenty of lead flying. You've got to have a bunch of stainless steel Mini-14s pimped out with Choate folders and nickel-plated flash suppressors.

    And handguns. Lots of handguns. Explosives, too.

    And the baddies have to have plenty of firearms, also. (Perfectly realistic, to judge from what I read about UK street crime.)
  6. But none of it effective. :D
  7. he he he true , nobody ever gets killed in a firefight :lol:
  8. I think George Cole would be far too old for that role

    Ironic really , as he is the only one that knows what life behind the wire is like :D