how a phase 2 soldier can transfer to engineers

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dizzy29, Jun 11, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    My mate is currently doing his phase 2 training and has decided that the corps he's training with isn't for him he wants to transfer to the Royal Engineers. He went and spoke with his training staff and they basically brushed it off (because they cant be bothered) telling him to do it once he gets his posting (which will take at least another 4 months), he's getting really fed up now and is thinking of leaving the Army all together, I've tried persuading him to stay in but I don't know the system on transfers. Has anyone any suggestions?

  2. What is he in? Got GCSEs? They can take him off the course, and he'd have to go in front of our Personnel Selection Officer. Have to fill in an 'application to transfer' form. The orderly cpl. should have it.
  3. If the picture is as bad as your "mate" decribes tell him to ask again, if still no joy, inform Trg Staff that he wants to leave, this leads to interview with someone who can be bothered SNCO/Tp/Pl Comd, inform them that he wants to transfer really.

    Then there's the interviews etc that Spr Jim mentioned, or he can go to a Tri Service presentation aimed at bods considering terminating service, which show potential leavers a wider range of jobs that they may find more appealling.

    It could be that your mates training staff would prefer he left.

    Good luck to your mate.