How a little hearted humour makes your day!

Trainee asked a question today. "Nothing to do with the lesson sir, but why is it that you English Expats are such good comedians?" :roll: This was whilst I was demonstrating "cheating in the exams". It was hilarious! Some of them were videoing my 'act' with their cell phones. (I don't think they have worked us out yet!!!)

Re: exams. We have a system to establish anonimity so as not to be able to identify their name on the exam paper. So I don't know or care whether they are related to the local Head Honcho. (Corruption in Nigeria is everywhere)

So I ask the question. " F'rinstance... is anybody here a Nigerian Princess?" (There are lots of them by the way....Kings by the thousand.....ergo lots of Princesses)

Youth sticks his hand up.....and the class collapses !

"No,", I say, " I said Princesses!"

Youth: " .......but sir, I am a Princess!" Class collapses once again.

Ahhh! Me! The joys of teaching. :D

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