How a ‘Good War’ in Afghanistan Went Bad - NYTimes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by winnfield, Aug 12, 2007.

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    Another sidelight as to why things are getting difficult to solve

    These things will occur when a mix of different types of troops are employed because of the differing mindset that is singular to each country.

    Notwithstanding, in a Counter Insurgency environment, it is essential not to alienate the local population. Wanton killing or heavy armed tactics is obviously not the answer. A great amount of sensitivity is required, even if one may feel like emptying a whole magazine in anger or disgust. Unless one is dead sure that one is a terrorist, one should desist from firing with the inevitable result of killing or maiming.

    Afghanistan is important to the US and ISAF cause since it is important that Afghanistan turn out to be a success story in the pall of gloom that floats heavy over Iraq! Unlike, the govt in Iraq, which is practically lameduck, the Afghan govt has at least some sheen of governance.

    Hotheadedness in Afghanistan will only bring in an Iraq like situation.