I think you're the victim of your own prejudices and wishes there, CrappyNoMark. I don't have to "prove" anything whatsoever! It's up to the "defendant" to "prove" her or his case; which is: is there credible evidence producable to the authorties that my father sexually abused me. All the rest of the bollix about alleged "lies", "waffling", "I don't like Bugsy", "he's a big-timer and a total twät, etc, have no place in the discussion. So it's not up to me to prove my "credibility" with regard to any other issues. Now how "unfair" is that, eh? But that's the legal system in the UK.

So, despite my constant requests that your man spackerman actually provide verifiable evidence that my father sexually abused me, he's consistenly refused to do so. On the other hand, he's definitively stated over 50 times on this thread alone that my father sexually abused me. All that was at no time, and all the many times before, ever qualified with, for instance: "in my opinion", "I think", "I believe", I reckon", or anything even approaching that, to validate it as mere conjecture, speculation or even a vague assumption. The intention was quite obviously to instill malicious defamatory statements, without any proof whatsoever.

So öppis cha' iin'r'm rächt tüur ze stähe' cho', Cholläg!:mrgreen:

Sehr geehrter Herr Besserwisser,

your knowledge of UK law seems as feeble as your grasp on reality, or German as it is spoken by actual Germans.

There is no such thing as defamation (Either slander or libel) against a dead person in English law. The person he accused of a crime was your father, who, by your own word, is dead. He has made you out to be the victim not the criminal. I really think you should consult your imaginary lawyer and see what they think. BTW the one you are thinking of is libel, as it is the written form of defamation.

For the rest of it, you would not be able to succeed in court if the claims are true. I will go out on a limb here and speculate that the claims about you being a habitual liar are true. Additionally, you would have to show that the comments or claims were harmful to your reputation: I think it's fairly clear where that one is heading.

As to your specious claim that an English court would not be interested in your illegal drug-dealing or undeclared income, because of 'The Statute of Limitations', you may be interested to know that there is, again, no concept of this in UK law for these type of crimes. Ironically, there is a statute of limitations for "unlawful sexual intercourse" offences that took place between 1956 and 2004; so your dear dead da may well have been in the clear, but not you.
Still not found my Faceache page
What on earth makes you think anyone is interested in your Facebook page eh Bugsy. The wider internet is so full of your ridiculous fantasies lies to mock you with that there really is no need to waste time finding your Facebook fables as well.

Did you beat your wop wife to a black & blue mess last night or is she fictitious too. Perhaps you spent the night furthering the family tradition of Da bumming son... you can tell us Bugsy. What you say here stays here - your sordid secrets are safe with us.
Nor several other websites. Perhaps there is more than one left leaning Bugsy from Nottingham?
This can't possibly be him then:

Hello each!
Nah... definitely not him. Just pure coincidence that the username, the MsG thing and the ridiculous lies are similar to our Bugsy. Pure coincidence- it must be because Bugsy told us he has never heard of 'revleft'. It must be rue if Bugsy told us.

Here's a strange thing... he says there that when he left the army he decided to complete his picture restoring training in Hamburg. Presumably 29 Field Ambulance provided the first part of his picture restoring training???

Better yet, while undertaking further training in Hamburg, Erich Honecker popped over the border and appointed the 'still in training’ or 'very newly out of training' Bugsy to the post of 'Chief Picture Restorer’ in the Ministry of Art, Culture and Fucking Lies'
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Nah... definitely not him. Just pure coincidence that the username, the MsG thing and the ridiculous lies are similar to our Bugsy. Pure coincidence- it must be because Bugsy told us he has never heard of 'revleft'. It must be rue if Bugsy told us.
And here it is, the much awaited Bugsy "novel"! On the very site he's never been on....

RevLeft Creative Writing Contest
As much as I like to take the piss out of our child abuse victim, all he said was that he had never been banned from Revleft.
On a lighter note, ein Spass...

Was heisst verkehrschaos auf chinesisch?


Had me in fits when I read that in Das Bild in 1974. Who says the boxheads haven't got a sense of humour?
He is an expert at FIBUA too:

Military - Page 2

Dear Sys,

You’re just not getting what I’m on about, so let me give you a real-life lesson of what I mean. All British Army bods are first and foremost taught to be soldiers and then they learn their trades. This is the tradition in most armies in the world.

Not long ago (August 2007), I attended an “old-sowjaz (British Army) meeting” in Cheshire, UK. One of those attending made the suggestion that we repair to his “battleground” just outside Cheshire for shits and giggles. He runs an area for “ battle training with paint-guns. So the scene was set for a paint-gun battle with the following teams:

Team 1: 3 shop assistants, 2 vehicle mechanics, 7 bank clerks, 1 baker, 4 bricklayers, 2 scaffolders, 5 insurance salesmen, 1 used-car salesman, 5 local gobment employees.
Total: 30. Average age: 24.

Team 2: 3 former Medics (including me), 2 former Sappers, 4 former Planks, 2 former Scalies, 1 former RAOC clerk. ALL none teeth arms! Total 12. Average age: 47.

Result: Team 2 attained its objectives in 17 minutes (the exercise was on a basis of four hours) with no losses. All members of Team 1 were “neutralised”. Job done!

You were saying?