Hoverglide Backpack

I bought one of these daysacks a while back and haven't been disappointed with it.

Rothco Camo Medium Transport Pack

Though I paid less than Rothco charges for mine as it came from a seller in Germany via eBay. It shouldn't be as comfortable as it is, or as practical, but somehow it works. It's certainly a step-up from the Karrimor crap I bought previously and does what I bought it for without any problems.

The one linked in the OP just looks silly, over-built and over-priced in my opinion.
Which one?

THEIRS rave about Mystery Ranch*. Although I hear Arc'teryx and Arc'teryx design inspired bags <cough> Tasmanian Tiger <cough> are starting to make inroads.

Note: * I think it may be more a case of, "neh, neh, ne, ne, neeeh, we've got them and you haven't".
the Komodo Dragon, described as extended field time pack, "bigger than the three day assault pack"


Volume was just short of 40 liters (37) weighed 2 KG

I liked the idea/concept of the triple opening zips

When it arrived it looked nice, but the over engineering (? squaddie proof) gives it a sort of reverse tardis effect. It was Long with little width, which again seemed restricted by its solid construction

When you add the carrier/harness system it felt like a lot of bag without much storage space and that storage space was elongated and upright

Great if you want to carry fifty rubics cubes or a pillow but if you wanted to put something larger/odd shape in it seemed to take up twice its actual space leaving ususable space. What I describe as "sock space"

I like my gear to be bomb proof and flexible. I can port a snugpack rocket pack around, put whatever the **** I want in it, much more than "3 days" kit, its comfortable and light when empty. It also has the flexibility to be used 3/4 empty and adjusted down.

The mystery ranch when empty stand up like a racing dogs cock, and can't be slid under a seat or stashed easily in an overhead locker

I'd like to get to a supplier or the mystery ranch itself and get my hands on their range, perhaps the civvy "mountain" versions of their packs are made using less "bomb proof" techniques and material. Or their upsized higher volume "sustainment packs" better suit the material and techniques used for the smaller packs

I'm trying to grind out an analogy

Perhaps, they are trying to make origami but they are doing it at the wrong scale and using cardboard instead of paper

While they are at it they need to size up their pygmy battle elf video presenters who are patently only 5'3 as they make the packs look mahoosive



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If you look at the kelty range of bags the one sold to the military has to be made in the USA and costs around $400'ish........the exact same bag made in Vietpakinamdia for the civvy market is around $150.

That said Mystery Ranch has gained popularity from its cottage operation and is now also having stuff produced outside the US.

LBT ain't cheap, how they can justify $400+ for a pair of effectively work trousers I have no idea, I would expect hand made by Pixies on Saville Row for that. If you want really expensive take a look at TAD Gear.
Yep. It's pish.


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