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  1. Does anyone know what size of house I'm entitled to. I have a son at 4,17,and 20 the 20 year old is in full time education at uni and comes home during the holidays, the 17 year old is at college. I also have a son aged 9 who I have twice in the month.?????????????????????????? Please help thankyou.
  2. Phone your duty clerk up RIGHT NOW and ask them.

    Oh, and have you heard of contraception?
  3. Are you a 'blended' family? It's just the ages of kids would make me think you were a senior officer, or warrant officer and therefor not needing to ask on ARRSE. Or did you just join really, really late?

    If these kids have just magically appeared the housing would be dependent on you being offr or OR, and also the sex of the kids.
  4. I thought it wouldn't make a difference if the kid is over 19? Doesnt the army only recognise a dependant (in education) until that age? So wont the answer would be a three bedroom house?
  5. I am a late joiner, my two eldest sons are my stepsons. I was offered a 4 bedroom house in January only to be told by Hic 4 weeks before move I am not entitled I can hav a 3 bedroom. I had my youngest booked into the local school now I'm moving to a different area!! So were is my oldest stepson ment to sleep when he is home? He can hardly afford a place of his own? Does this mean when when my 17 year old turns 19 I am entitled to a 2 bedroom? Helpful answers would be grate.
  6. I would assume a 3 bedroom sounds correct as your eldest is not permanently resident with you and could share with your next eldest when he is home. Who offered you the 4 bedroom? If it was the HIC ask them why they changed the offer and what criteria they originally based the allocation on.

    If your youngest hasn't started the school then change the application to the new area.
  7. Let me preface these remarks by saying that I am not an expert but the answers you need are contained in Chapter 3 of Part 1 of JSP 464, which you can find through Armynet. Local circumstances can change vary things case by case but my understanding of Annex B to Chapter 3 seems to say that, sadly, the 3 bed Type C [B]is[/B] your entitlement. To be entitled to a 4 Bed Type D the notes say "Applicants, including WOs, with 4 or more children of any age, or 3 children all aged 10yrs or over, are to be allocated a Type D.". I am not sure what age your children stop being "children" in terms of these rules but as your youngest is only 4, it looks as though the decision, while daft, might be correct.

    If you don't have an Armynet acount, pm me your email and I will send you a copy - if you do, its under the Reference Portal, JSPs...

    Sorry that the news can't be better.......
  8. JSP 464 Chapter 3 is your friend here, but for a quick reference here is the basic entitlement for the Army.

    Type D (7 Person) - Applicants 4 or more children of any age or 3 or more children aged over 10
    Type C (5 Person) - Applicants with 2 or 3 children unless entitled as above
    Type B (4 Person) - Applicants with 1 or no child

    You will need to read the JSP carefully to see about entitlement for children away from home in full time education but, and I am probably wrong, I think once children reach the age of 18 in the UK they are not entitled to live in SFA. Talk to your clerks
  9. I think the rules about "children over 18" are a bit more complicated than that and it dpeneds on their stage of education and other factors, but CursedVeggie is right, the key is JSP 464 and its references.
  10. JSP 464 PArt one is here
  11. Your eldest son isnt the MODs problem. You can't expect them to allocate a room for an adult. I remember dealing with a welfare problem similar to this. I'm fairly sure the limit is 19 in further education, 18 if not. When the 17 year old turns 20, you will also lose the entitlement to his room although depending on the 9 year old (who will then be 12) visiting rights you may gain one for him.
  12. Try here AFF - Housing for all Housing concerns, we have been told that DE will house all dependent children who are still in education.
  13. I've just found this in the JSP

    7. Children. For the purposes of SFA allocation, a child is defined as ‘the natural child,
    or the adopted child of the Service person or his or her spouse, civil partner or other
    partner in respect of whom a Service Declaration has been made; or a child of the family4
    who is below the age of majority (18 years of age). Unborn children, who are expected to
    be born within 6 months of occupation of SFA, are to be counted as members of the
    family. Exceptions to the age limit above are:
    a. Dependent children who are under age 25, unmarried and in receipt of full-time
    education at school, 6th Form College, College of Further Education or an Institute of
    Higher Education (eg University), studying up to and including 1st degree level only
    and where the dependant child continues to reside with the parents in SFA, providing
    there is no more than a break of one academic year between the secondary and
    further education.

    I'm not sure if this is something new (I swear it was 19 years old a couple of years ago) or what they mean by "reside" but it might help.
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  15. Sorry. I missed the bit about your 9 year old. He doesn't live with you and as such is not entitled in the allocation, in exactly the same way as a single father who is a non-resident parent is not entitled to a quarter based on visitation by his children. You may ask to be allocated a surplus quarter above your entitlement to better suit your family circumstances but considering the dearth of SFA I wouldn't hold my breath.