Housing recommendations - Bulford?!!?!?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by ssgtmrsm, May 15, 2008.

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  1. We are posted to Bulford. Is there anywhere we should stear well clear from? We don't know the area and don't want to accept anything without getting a bit of info.

    We are entitled to a 2 bed cos have 1 child. Housing is pretty scarce there apparantly. Any info good and bad is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Basically try and stay away from the Canadian estate aka The Bronx. The new-ish houses are situated in the Churchill and Dorset Estates. Alternatively, the houses behind the wire but be prepared to be disappointed if you are used to the larger MSQ cos they're all rabbit hutches. Might be worth looking at getting a quarter in Tidworth instead. Anything else you need to know?
  3. thanks, that is great, just what i needed.

    What other areas are there, I have heard of Tidworth, where else is there? Like I say we dont know the area at all so dont even know where we could be housed. So absolutely any info is very much needed.

    I spoke to the Hive and they mentioned some flats in tidworth and bulford tht we could get offered!!!! I hope not!!!
  4. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Not sure if you are allowed to rent rather than MSQ (i.e. get a rental allowance), but I'd try and stay as far away from Bulford or Tidworth as you can..;) the top end of Bulford isn't too bad, but not sure if it is MSQ anymore as a mate of mine bought a place there a while ago so possibly all sold off.

    Some nice villages round the area, but not cheap. Amesbury isn't bad and they have been building a lot there recently so rental prices might not be too bad. I'm not sure if the Boscombe Down MSQ come under the same remit as Bulford (or even if there are any left) but that is a nicer area.

    Just a few thoughts for you, but it's been a while since I was round that area.

  5. The Flats in Bulford are outside of the wire and just around from Picton/Kiwi Bks and the flats i Tidworth, I think are also outside the wire.

    Amenities wise in Bulford there isn't much. There's a Londis (ex NAAFI) shop in the precinct in Bulford, along with a Post Office, Butchers, DVD rental shop, unisex hairdressers, tailors x2, Army Surplus shop and 2 Curry houses (1 takeaway, the other a takeaway/restaurant).

    Amesbury is approx 3 miles from Bulford but doesn't really offer that much nor anything extra.

    Supermarket wise, there's a Tescos in Tidworth and obviously more/others in the larger cities/towns of Salisbury and Andover (both about a 20 mins drive from Bulford but in opposite directions).

    Anyway back to your original question, have you thought about looking at quarters in Larkhill and or Netheravon? Larkhill is about 5 mins up the road and Netheravon is about a 10/15 min commute. Again, the problem with those locations is that they are a bit remote.

    If you need any more info, by all means drop me a line either on here or PM with a phone number if you think it would be easier to chat.

  6. You get put where DE/HIC Warminster want to put you!
  7. yeah, but we want to know the areas cos we dont wanna accept a crap hole and not know its a crap hole.
  8. Tidworth is a town with a growing civillian population. Originally the vast majority of the population were military but over the last 10-15 years with military cutbacks the number of houses being owned by civillians has increased.

    In December 2007 Tesco completed a large development of the main street in Tidworth with the opening of a Tesco and 5 other shopping units.


    Amesbury is also undergoing development with a Co-Op similer in size to Tidworths Tesco that also opened last year. There are also plans for both an Asda and Tesco to construct stores in the town and there is also further development in the town centre.
    Amesbury also has a recently built industrial park on the nearby A303 which icludes retail, office and industrial units.


    The A303 runs through Amesbury providing links to London, the west country, the M3 and A34. Unfortunatly during bank holidays and July/August visitors to nearby Stonehenge generally cause traffic chaos!

    Salisbury is a nice city to visit with a cinema, a good selection of shops and some beautiful areas in the grounds of the Cathedral. There is also a nice 'out of town' shopping area with larger retail stores.

    Andover in the opposite development is currently undergoing a major facelift with the very recent opening of Asda in the town which also brings with it a new cinema to the town which is due to open at the end of the month.


    As with most areas I've lived when my Dad was in the forces Salisbury Plain is what you make it. To some degree it is a bit out of the way but there are good bus links to both Andover and Salisbury from Bulford and Tidworth and from both of those towns/city you can get further bus or train routes to go to Basingstoke, Southampton, Swindon even as far as London.
  9. Shipton Bellinger.
    Get friendly with the locals and join the working mans club, cheep beer and local totty in abundance.
    It made my three years there pass like the wind.

    Oh and its much better than the big estates in Tidders and Bulford.
  10. The visitors to Stonehenge are minimal compared to the rich Londoners trying to get to their second or third homes in the South-West all at the same time at weekends and Bank Holidays! Don't try to escape westward from Andover at 1600hrs on Fridays!

  11. We have just been posted from Bulford where we had an MSQ in Brisbane Gardens (at the moment there are about 5 empty houses round there), the downfall was that it is inside the wire but on the plus size the house is in a nice enclosed area of camp and our house had two massive bedrooms and a seperate diningroom. Stay away from the canadian estate you cant swing a cat in them. The Flats look grubby from the outside but are a good (not great) size inside.

    New Ward Road was our second choice.

    I had a fantastic time in Bulford, i hope this is of some help, enjoy your posting.
  12. Thank you Limpit, that is exaclty the info I am looking for. We have been told it will possibly be Canadian Estate, so we will do our best to get out of that. Fingers crossed eh! Any other info you have of shopping (best places to go) /nurseries (if you have kids) and all that kind of stuff that you need when you first move to a new posting. Thank you again x

    What are the downfalls of living behind the wire? I have done it once and it was fine, apart from when I had to have my boot bonnet and under car checked every time I went in (Ceasefire in Ireland).
  13. The biggest problem we had living in the wire was delivery’s, the main gate will only allow some delivery drivers access to camp, if the driver cant get onto camp they have to phone you (some delivery company’s don’t like to phone), and the other minor downfall is escorting visitors on and off camp. You get discounted Council Tax and electric for being inside though.

    We don’t have children, but there are two nursery’s in Bulford close to camp that I know of.

    On the shopping front ASDA, Sansburys and Tesco in Andover about 20min drive. Tesco and a small Sainsburys in Salisbury again about a 20 min drive. There is a Tesco in Tidworth that is very handy and a CO-OP in Amesbury.

    The Boot Inn, Shipton Bellinger is a fantastic place to eat but be aware it gets very busy and you will need to pre-book on a weekend. There is a nice Chinese in Ludgershall (Just the other side of Tidworth) called the Shanghigh they do a very nice buffet that is served fresh to your table. I also recommend a small Indian restaurant in Durrington called The Emperor of India.

    If you have pets “Stonehenge Vets” in Durrington are a very friendly team. There are lots of areas close to camp for dog walking.

    Salisbury is a nice day shopping, but is limited, the cathedral is a nice place to take lunch to. Don’t bother with Swindon its dirty and not a pleasant place to shop (Sorry if I offend any Swindon dwellers), there is a shopping outlet just outside Swindon that is good for discount shopping. Southampton is about a 45min drive and the shopping there is pretty good.
  14. My OH went to Bulford this weekend to have a look about. He took some pics of Canadian Estate and County/Counties Estate. The Canadian Estate looks awful. Fingers crossed we dont get there.

    I think he is going to ask for County Estate, there are a few SIB living in that area and the OC usually likes them to live closer together to car share!! Tight gits!!!

    From the pic i got, it looks ok, better than whre i have lived befor, but that is just going by one pic of a house.
  15. Well we got a 3 bed ground floor flat in Heathcote House, Bulford Bks. Have no idea what to expect here though.

    I am pretty happy with a 3 bed flat as we will have a spare room and I really don't mind living in flats. But I am a bit gutted about not having a garden, or even a secure communal garden.

    Has anyone seen this area? If you know these flats, what are they like?