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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by gemsipot, May 18, 2009.

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  1. hi

    can anyone advise on SFA on completion of phase 2..!

    The guy's at the office say that after phase 2 you'll get sent some where for 2/3 years and that's when i'll get a house ( married with 3 kids ) but some fella ex army that my partner was chatting too said that you dont always get housing if your moving around and that you have to be posted for a minimum of 2 years at one place before you'll get it.

    whats the story..? the RAF state 6 months :!:

    i know i can be sent off any where at any time but i want my family housed at my base etc..

    any help or advise :D
  2. You'll get allocated a quarter when you get your first posting after training.
  3. Not always the case Mr C. Dependant on how long Phase 2 is for, you may well get a Qtr at your phase 2 location.
  4. Thats true but it may not be worth uprooting the family for short period and end up moving twice within a year.
  5. You're married, so as long as you're at your Unit for 6 months or more you'll be entitled to SFA there. The info that your friend gave you about the 2 year rule is balls. If that were the case, I'd have been homeless for the last 14 years!
  6. thanks thats good to know. i was starting to flap when i heard that.. i know i'll be away from the family at time for long periods but atleast i know they are settled in SFA etc.
  7. You get SFA at your unit - as a soldier it is unusual for you to move postings, but even if you did, they are obliged to give you SFA wherever you go. In reality, if for some reason you did move every 6 months (not counting op tours) then moving the family too would become a bore. you may get the option to plant your family somewhere if you will move around alot, but this, as I said, is unusual as a soldier.

    In my Regiment (RA) the Officers move every 2-3 years, but in smoe circumstances less. Moving somewhere for less than a year is a real ball ache.
  8. Can you elaborate?
  9. The fella is talking... how can I put this. Hoop.

    You WILL get a house for your family, no ifs no buts, at the very least ta your first unit.

    Depending on the length of time your Phase 2 is, you can get a house for phase 2. This would probably need to be approx 9 months though, but I don't know the exact details. Royal Signals Techs used to get houses for their Phase 2 (50 weeks durations).

    After that you will get a house at your duty station.

    The six months bit is a bit of confusion me thinks... you may not get a house if you have less than 6 months at a station.... ie if you got married and you had 3 months left at your unit and were in receipt of a posting order you wouldn't get a house.

    The only time you wouldn't get a house in this instance would be if you were posted to a unit, but that unit was to move inside of 6 months.... in which case you would be allocated a house at the new station anyway.

    Django is on about Gunners and other similar corps (RE, Inf and RAC) in that you may stay in one location/unit for, well, your whole career.

    Signals, REME, RAMC and other corps will move around between every 2 years and every 4.

    Good luck, and any more questions feel free to ask... or PM.

    You pay for your first move, so if you are going to end up in Germany or further afield for your first tour, you may well be advised to push for a quarter at your phase 2 (providing it is at least 6 months in duration).

    If you current house is closer to your first unit though, well, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out.
  10. thanks chocolate frog .. ! thats a big help , more than what the ACIO seem to know or want to tell you..!

    cheers kat and co
  11. Depending on what cap badge your recruiter or indeed if he or she is single (single soldiers tend to be ignorant to the regulations surrounding quarters but only because they have no need to really know about it), it is entirely plausible that he or she wouldnt have a definite answer for you, it certainly wouldnt be down to him or her not wanting to tell you :D

    But the info Chocolate Frog has given you is spot on