Housing on leaving the Forces

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by iyoung, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. I was looking at a copy of Pathfinder the other day and they were reporting that there is a petition on the PM's website to address the issue of housing for those leaving the Forces.

  2. Good petition, especially for those who pissed all thier wages away for 22 years.

    Let sign and get on the ming!
  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmm...... tend to agree with paragorge on this one, pish it up against the wall and you only have yourself to blame. Notwithstanding the cost of housing nowadays but sacrafices have to be made if you want a roof over your head - priorities
  4. The pertition is badly written. What the intention of these pertition to do i would imagine is to allow ex army to present them selves as homeless in the area where they were based.

    Prsently in scotland army are given priority homless status and coucil house prioriy on top of that a (instant discount not seen it in writing) but only in an area where they can draw a local conection. A civy can claim a local conection to an area where he has worked in army can not. A civi is not prority homeless unless have kids is over 60s medical conditon ethnic minority feared of racism a civi does not get an instant discount.

    I can see this local area conection being a problem for people because they have lived in that area for a while. I would think it only right that army are give the same criteria as anyone else. The instant discount and proirty scraped and local contection criteria applied equally.
  5. Surely a piss take? :roll:
  6. This is a copy of the artcile that was in Pathfinder.


    AN E-PETITION has been submitted by Carole McEntee-Taylor for service leavers to be afforded automatic entitlement to temporary accommodation whilst their housing needs are assessed by the local authority when they leave the Forces. Currently if a service leaver has nowhere to live when they leave the forces they must demonstrate to their local authority that they are vulnerable; this entitles them to be classed as homeless and allows them to access temporary accommodation.

    E- petitions were launched in November 2006 and are an online way of bringing public concerns to the attention of the Government.

    Homelessness is a very real situation for many service leavers who actually make up a noticeable proportion of the UKs homeless. Carole McEntee-Taylor is also petitioning for the onus to be on the local authority not the service leaver to prove that they are vulnerable. You can pledge your support if you agree with the petition by logging on to http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/houseourtroops/ where you can register your vote on line.

    Currently the petition has 32 signatures.

    If the petition is successful the automatic right would assist many service leavers in the transition into civilian life. The problem that the government might have is where to place all of the potential service leavers who take up the temporary accommodation. The deadline to sign up to the petition is 2nd April 2008 and we will keep you updated with the Government’s response.
  7. It might not be helped by this forum being in Health & Fitness!!!!!!!
  8. I'm confused by priority homless and the sentence about having ethnic minority kids over 60 with medical conditions..... :roll:
  9. Sorry my fault
  10. I Agree,why do the Services think they should be entitled to preferential treatment for council housing? Do what all sensible people do,Save,Beg, Borrow money to buy their own house,or rent until they come up on the council list,FFS!
  11. I don't agree that they should be given preferential treatment but they should at least be given a level playing field. The problem is that because you live away from the area in barracks and are away overseas on operations ex-serviceman are treated as if they have no relationship with an area.

    When I came out the forces many years ago and enquired about housing for my local area I was told that because I was away for 11 years none of this period counted as being a local resident despite the fact I was on the electoral roll for that period and if I wanted housing I should get my girlfriend pregnant.
  12. Listen Pal, If you have lived the life, driven the car and spent everynight in the pub, then you deserve to live in the gutter. You get paid a bloody good wage in the army, use it to buy a house while you have the security of being able to live on the patch. There are plenty of schemes out there to assist you in putting a roof over 'your' families heads. Don't rely on the system, cause at the 22 year point, you are a nobody to the crown, we don't even get a free bus pass!
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    A bit harsh. You have to remember civis only have to pay their mortgage. Soldiers need to pay their rent and a mortgage to buy a house. Chances are they won't be posted close to where they want to live when leaving the Army.

    Anyway they've been supporting the system for 22 years is it a lot to expect a little something back?
  14. Maybe so, but you have to be cruel to be kind. Getting a house and renting it out has never been easier, no matter what country you live in or where the house is. It just takes a bit of self discipline and dedication in saving the money for the deposit. Sacrifice the new car for a banger for a couple of years, only go out on Saturday night instead of Friday and Saturday. All i mean is that if you rely on the system to sort out your civvy digs on demob, you're in for a bloody big shock.

    There aren't many full screws or sgt's on less that £25k a year, you'll be lucky to get that on the outside, so make the most of it while you're serving.

    Choice is your's.
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Speak for yourself :twisted:

    I agree up to a point but if you do end up without a place of your own its not unreasonable to expect to be treated the same as every one else out there. After all they have been working on behalf of the Nation for the last 22 years!!