Housing in JHQ?

Now then, the Adjt is off to a job in the Big House this summer...

Got to move from here in a couple of weeks - middle of July.

The nice housing people at JHQ have told me that they're chock-a-block and there aren't any spare houses in RMC at all!! All I can have is house in Wegberg. Now the Adjt quite fancies living close to work and living somewhere where Adjt Junior can run around with similar aged folk, rather than being stuck in the sticks.

I'd be grateful if there are any JHQ Wallahs out there who can confirm that this is actually the case or perhaps confirm my suspicions that there are in fact quarters to be had - but that there may be, perhaps, 'other priorities' for them...

Most grateful for any info and advice.

Wegberg is only a 5 min drive away from the main camp and its nice and quiet too, probably better if you have kids as there is less traffic and no drunk lunatics from Sp Bn causing mayhem either.

Not sure if there are free houses on the camp at the minute as im not there anymore but it could be worse, they could have put you in white city which is in the town or Elmpt station which is about 10 miles away.
Will also depend on rank and role... Some parts of JHQ are exclusive game reserves, where the rare spectacle of the 'Colonels and their ladies congregating en masse' draws many interested observers, but will drive you to insane rage by the end of two years being subtly - or not so subtly - treated as untermensch*... Check out the neighbours before accepting any quarter...

*Unless, of course, Mr Adjutant, Sir, you are a Brigadier or 2 star, in which case you should be happy as a porker in poo poo making them all dance for your entertainment...
Last time I saw JHQ (3 years) it was really run down. When I was stationed there, I would have quite happily lived in Wegberg, it's just around the corner.
quarters full in JHQ where ? i am living there now - cant say where i live but i my street there are about 20 houses and by the looks of things i would say only 10 have people living in them. Also there are the new refurbished houses (puma'ed ones) that are all empty.

But if moving here i would view the house first - after being in quarters for 11 yrs now these are the smallest houses we have lived in while the family has got bigger.

Theres is a difference between compact and rabbit hutches which is what we are living in.Also if it rains hard the drains in the street flood and so does your basement if you havent closed off your drain, and we now pay full rent as well while last year it was abaited due to working going on.

Sky only works in certains areas as well for some reason - we cant get it where we live - engineer came out and said no chance of a signal.

anything else you want to know just ask ?
I'm in JHQ at the moment.

Plenty of empty houses, but there may be a lot of people inbound due to the recent big changeover in the ARRC after their Op tour.

Wegberg is quiet, but you need a car just to get milk etc as no shops within 3km. Ditto schools for your kids. So suggest you try to get into the main camp.

Don't expect much in the way of quarters; they are small, the cellars are damp and non-puma'd houses have crap kitchens and bathrooms.

Internet is a joke - if you can get a connection, it ain't going to be much over 500k on a supposed 1meg line.
Welcome to JHQ in advance, Adjt,

I can agree with the last two posters - my street has a couple of houses empty and I'm due to go myself.

Having said all this, I wonder if you can ask the housing office for a particular address? My quarter will be free on the 12th July, and I've only just had a pre march out, surely they can't have allocated it to someone else already?

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