Housing in Fallingbostel

Discussion in 'RAC' started by redwhiteandblue, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi folks, I am moving to Fally in a few months time and was hoping someone on these boards could help me out with some info on the houses there. I will require a 3 bedroom as i have 2 kids and may even get a house (i have been told this) due to a welfare situation.
    I am looking for info on things like sizes of the houses/flats, will I need to get rid of any furniture or kitchen appliances, due to them not fitting, do the bedrooms have built in cupboards or not, will my dining room table and living room unit fit somewhere do they have large or small halls if any etc etc etc.
    I posted this onto another board and was told to come onto this one as 3rtr are in fally at the moment.
    If anyone has any pictures they could send me aswell this would be great too.
    I have tried to get this info from the welfare office and hive but for some reason they cant/wont give me this info, all as i get is you need to wait to see what you get allocated.
    Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.
  2. 3 RTR?? I would contact the Unit you are going to with your posting details etc, they will then give you all the info you need mate.
  3. Go post this topic in the RAC forum mate.
    There are a few serving, and many ex serving 2RTR guys still in Fally on that forum.....
  4. He did 'Cloth-Eyes'!!! :twisted:

    I would suggest you contact the unit you're being posted to and request an 'Info Pack', as for getting a house that all depends if there is one available! Priority is given to 'incoming' but otherwise you will have to bite the bullet for at least six months before you can apply for one, anyway they are quite small, have no cellar and no attic to speak of. 4 Scots (Highlanders) have pictures on their website of all the MQs. There are five main estates Wienberg (Interbau), Wiethop (Hiedamark), Oberetiech, Oerbkeberg (4 bed flats) which are all within spitting distance of the town. And lastly the flats on Camp which in some cases are huge! I wouldn't get rid of your furniture, generally poeple have a problem moving back to UK from here after buying big German 'shranks' (wall units) ect. Most of the MQs have built in cupboards, if they haven't you are issued with Army ones. Hope this helps, if you want anymore info PM me. Oh BTW the Main Naafi is s**t!!! :D
  5. Is that the car breakdown service forum as I was sure I was on the army RAC forum but maybe I'm lost,

    I was told it was 3 RTR who are in Fally so if I am wrong then looks like I will go on death row for my mistake.
  6. No mate it's 2RTR, the confusion has probably arisen because the '3rd' still run most of it! :wink: :lol:
  7. My little piggy eyes are not what they used to be.....I'm putting it down to alcohol, and not old age!

    Trying to answer pm's and post replies at the same time.

    See, that's what happens when guys try to multi task :oops:
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