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Hi, :wave: My hubby is being posted to HQ Land in Andover this August and we are clueless regarding the housing situation there. Just wondered if anyone can advise us on the areas to go for and those to avoid please?
There are two streets within walking distance, Gallaghers Mead and Chichester Close. There are also lots of quaters just on the outskirts of town on a new development called Augusta Park. Augusta is still very new and brings the kind of snagging problems that you get with new plus its not particularly at the good end of town. Gallaghers is a good mix of military and civvy housing, Chichester is more like your old fashioned pads estate where nearly everyone there is serving...
Hi Sparky, Thanks very much for the Info, at least i have something to go on now and can do a bit of research! =-D
There are two streets within walking distance, Gallaghers Mead and Chichester Close. ...
Christ! Gallaghers Mead was my first hiring 41 years ago! The houses didn't look as if they'd last that long!
Thanks Shiny, will be emailing them for more info..at least we have 6 months to sort and hope we have a bit of input as to were we want to live!

jilly :)
Jilly - Just taken over a MQ in Augusta Park. Brand new house, so can confirm the issues with snagging There are apparently 50 mil families on the estate -my immediate neighbours are a mix of mil and civ. We're on the edge of the estate, up past the school on Cheviot Rd, away from the chavvier end of town. The bathrooms are excellent, kitchen is large with gas hobs and electric oven. Small gardens and estate is closely packed - there are 5 houses that overlook our garden. We're close to superstores and most importantly a decent pub 1/2 mile walk away.

Overall, not as bad as we feared.
Hiya, thanks for input really appreciate the help, we're not snobs and don't mind where we go as long as the house is habitable, IE the boiler isn't condemned like our present one was on our marching in date, or we're not treading mould foot prints in the carpets( my friends house is awful) or have druggie hoodies lurking the streets-gladly we don't and want to remain feeling safe.. Overall, we just want to live the final 4 year posting in relative peace(but not always quiet) in a friendly safe area fairly close to amenities..close to a pub.. so that may have swung it for us :) We are taking time out over the weekend to visit the area so thanks again :)
Thanks for info bootifull, every little helps as the saying goes, and I am getting some really helpful feed back, I wouldnt have even thought about phone providers until after the move, but have lived in an area were we could not get a mobile signal for love nor money, so frustrating! thanks again.
We lived in Chichester last year, in the flats in the middle. They were quite nice on the inside, 3 bed but the corridor was practically falling down, and there was a lot of mould ivo the stairs. Storage would have been an issue, but luckily, got posted fairly quick. Liked the enclosed garden for dog, and washing, didn't like living in a flat surrounded by houses.
Hope you like Andover, I thought there were a lot of people on the dole etc but that is only a first impression and may be flawed.

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Hi Shifty, Thanks for info.
Really hope we don't get allocated a flat as we have a dog, which isn't so bad if it's ground floor but will push for a house if poss. Am beginning to realise the allocation system really is like a lottery, and it doesn't seem to matter what your preferences are as you get what you're given and lump it!

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