Housing-I give up!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by fcknguslesdg, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. What are other peoples experiences of dealing with the Housing allocation staff of a certain allocations department covering the greater london region? Having been posted from BFG to UK whilst on Op tour in Afghanistan I submitted my housing request papers well before my posting date.

    I was offered a quarter in an area; which was not one of my choices and falls out of the 10 mile radius of my duty station, which I turned down on the basis that I was told I would be first on the waiting list for our first choice patch. This was all done whilst away in Afghanistan in Feb 07.

    On my return I was told that I had in fact dropped to third on the waiting list and was not entitled to SSFA as I had turned down my offer (even though I made the decision to refuse on the information that DE gave, that I was first on the waiting list).

    Despite, 2 formal letters of complaint to Defence Estates, over 10 phone calls to the Housing information centre and 10 messages left with the Area manager (this is not an exageration!!), I am still no further forward.

    I have now taken up my new post back in the UK and have spent three weeks of the year so far with my family (my son has forgotten what I look like!). I am inclined to think that defence estates don't give a sh.., make false promises, don't know what the left hand is doing (not answering the phone thats for sure!!) and are completely failing to understand the needs of the military community.

    Why should I have to put up with this unbelievably poor service from an agency that appears to take great joy in messing me and my family around around. I am begining to loose the will to live

    Anyone got a caravan we could borrow?
  2. Get in touch with SSFA..Balls to what anyone says!!Do you have a Families Officer? Kick Ass..After what you have been through in the name of Britain and your getting treated like this...Bloody Disgusting :(
  3. Check your PM's

  4. Best person to speak to now would be Rosie Brown, the Housing Specialist, at the AFF.

    DE/HIC are now as much of a joke as MHS. We're all doomed.
  5. Does the 10 mile radius apply if you are posted to London? I thought that it didn't apply inside the M25.

    Have they given you a reason why you have been overtaken on the waiting list? Can you tell us which patch you are waiting for?
  6. Thanks for the advice, have already left a message with Rosie Brown. We'll see what that throws up.
  7. PM me. I would be very interested to know what housing area you are dealing with. I experienced very similar circumstances about a year ago. After setting up a move (BFG to UK) from an op tour I discovered on my return that the SFA was not really suitable. I made the gross error of accepting it (principally because I didn’t want to extend my separation and my removals were already planned) but challenging the grading. Ten months, many phone calls and a formal complaint later, I have got nowhere with the grading but have been told that it is the wrong type and should never have been allocated to me! Not good for morale. My real schimpf is that I have not had a proper response to the complaint and no acknowledgement that they could learn lessons from how my case was handled.
  8. Dealing with High Wycombe HIC, and am trying to get West Byfleet Patch as am posted to Headley Court. So the 10 mile rule does apply. I have just been in discussion with the Area Housing manager today and he just seems to come up with dribbbling excuses about how busy he is!!! Does not seem interested in the fact that he is dealing with a complaint, which highlights failings in his department.

    I have also spoken with the director of Housing's (PA) and in no uncertain terms expressed my dismay at the failings of the the DE in my case.

    I have renewed enthusiasm - thanks ARSE!
  9. Best of luck trying to get your hands on a quarter in West Byfleet! It's notorious. One minute you're first on the list, next thing you know you're 8th. I gave up.

    What really shocks me is that you managed to get through to High Wycome HIC. Only managed it once so far (not for the wont of trying mind!)
  10. Forget the low life manager, get your wife to write to the local MP and get them involved that is about the only way they start to pay attention.
  11. The HIC's were billed as the answer to all our allocation problems................I remember some bloke for the DE saying on BFBS.

    Oh how wrong he was! You need to set yourself aside approximately one hour to get through to them! or alternatively ring the area housing manager. PM me if you need contact details.

    Surely these people should be accountable to somebody for their complete incompetence!
  12. HIC is just another round of hoops for us to jump through. Whatever possessed them to announce it would make life easier I do not know! Anyway, if they can't be bothered to answer the phone to organise march out times then I'm shoving the keys through DE's door! They should be glad it's only the door.

    Let us know how you get on anyway.
  13. Here here. My wife wrote to local MP after we'd suffered MHS...they came 'grovelling, cap in hand' the very next day!!

    MHS, HIC, DE etc.... another publicly funded initiative by the MOD to save money at the expense of our servicemen. Complete disregard of the so called 'covenant'
  14. What quarter type are you waiting for and what number on the waiting list have they said you are at (please PM me if you don't wish to post it on here)?
  15. I visited the York HIC to enquire about the patches available in order to complete my 3 choices on the housing application form. I was received with a stunned "we don't do visitors, you have to ring us". My polite response was "I have been trying but no-one answers the phone" to which the lady responded "that's because we don't have a receptionist to answer the phone". Housing Information Centre - my arse.