Housing for singlies

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by smoojalooge, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. Heard a rumour about single soldiers over a certain age being allowed military housing if there is space on the patch.

    Is there any truth in this and if there is what are the rules.
  2. You can ask to live out at your own expense. Or if there is not sufficient room in single accommodation you will be given SSSA. However you wouldn't get it just on the basis of your age.
  3. Think you will find that the RAF do accomodate singlies on age if their is excess quarters
  4. Cheers Chimp, but this is the Army Rumour Service. You'll probably find that the JSPs to deal with allocating quarters state that a singly is not entitled to a quarter unless suitable SLA is unavailable. The shortage of SFA means that surplus quarters are like the proverbial rocking horse sh!t!
  5. Well they cant be short of SFA's in Benson and here in the Netherlands as both units accomodate singlies to live out in sfa's/hirings. I thought everyone was under the tri-service hat regardless of service? You go to any unit in any part of the UK and abroad and I guarentee you will find sfa's lying empty for months/years on end
  6. Everyone is under the tri-service rules and they give clear rules as to who is entitled to SFA, old singlies aren't. If at a local level the rules are being ignored then that is the local DE/commanders perogative.

    I can guarantee you that if SFA is left empty for months/years on end it is more than likely due to lack of funding to carry out repairs to make it usable. There are Regiments who have to get hirings for families because of a lack of SFA.

    As I said the only reason for singlies to get accommodated in a misappropriated quarter or hiring is if there is not suitable SLA available.
  7. HLM,

    Not quite correct. Single personnel are entitled to occupy SFA providing certain criteria are met. Details in JSP 464 Pt 1 Ch 10. Link below.



  8. There are no excess quarters-the quarters do not belong to the Army. The days off quarters being hived off as "mess annex" are over. It may still be possible, but it takes a lot of effort. Another triumph of Liarbour.
  9. Also not quite correct. procedure has remained the same for many years now and is summarised as follows:

    Where availability of SFA permits, units may seek to misappropriate SFA as SLA (ie as an annex to the Officers or SNCOs Mess or Junior Ranks accommodation block) for occupation by single and unaccompanied personnel. Misappropriated SFA as SLA should be as close to the Service establishment as possible, with units first seeking to misappropriate SFA inside the wire and thereafter SFA which is within a radius of 10 miles of the establishment (thereby reflecting the rules for the provision of SFA to married/civil partnership accompanied personnel).

    It isn't a difficult procedure and it happens all the time, although it is true that the pool of available SFA is shrinking in some areas.
  10. Thank you. I sit corrected-I was misinformed by an old QM :D
  11. PAW,

    I'm on leave so fortunately cannot access the intranet. I am aware that a singlie can ask to occupy a surplus quarter if they have visitation rights for children; they are entitled to a quarter as a single parent and there is a scaling for quarter allocation within a garrison for things like a Hive and welfare quarter. But in response to smoojalooge I am fairly positive that you cannot, as a singlie get a quarter just based on age.
  12. Correct - its not based on age, but on availability of SFA, the local comd direction and then it might get down to age.

    I currently occupy a surplus quarter - but I have to pay the same as a pad, incl the CILOCT, albeit with a 25% rebate for single occupancy.

    PM me if you need any details.
  13. You are not entitled to an SFA just because you have visitation rights for your children. You have to apply for a surplus quarter. If you have residency for the children then the MoD is obliged to house you. It used to be based on custody but now undert family law both parents enjoy custody, but one parent has residency. When this changed so did MoD policy.
  14. Isn't that what I said?
  15. No, not quite. I am a single parent too but I am not entitled to an SFA as the kids aren't resident with me.