Housing for Ex-Soldiers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Giblets, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. I know this thread has been done before, and I hope I'm doing this in the right place. I've got an update on this topic.

    We were asked to write in a previous thread to our MP complaining about the housing issues for ex-service personnel.

    This I have done, and I've received a reply from a Labliar MP called Michael Foster (who, it's got to be said, is pretty good). I will post up his full response in the next day or so.

    He has given me loads of info on who is responsible for this situation, this being the local councils, who are obliged to provide housing on a 'needs' basis. Ex-service personnel who are suffering from disabilities, be they mental or physical have a higher priority than your boggo junky wasters.

    He has asked me to let him know if I know of any cases where a local council is failing to treat such personnel with the correct level of support and housing.

    So, the reason for this renewed thread is to ask you to provide posts or PM's, or better still contact the MP directly by emailing him at mp@1066.net with details of any personnel who are not getting the service they are entitled to from their local council. You will need to explain their situation and who the local council is. I am fairly sure he will act, and if there is enough feedback coming back to him, there is no reason why he can't make it one of his own 'bugbears'.
  2. Is the MP for Worcester. You also have email Giblets!!
  3. Thanks. No this guy is Hastings & Rye. From what I can gather, he at least works hard for his constituents and is fighting hard against NHS cuts in our area too.
  4. Apologies, there are two!!