Housing Entitlement and going on tour

Am about to go on tour and was wondering about housing policy, if any one can shine some light on this it would be great.

If I go on tour and my wife goes to live with her family for six months, Am I entitled to keep my quarter?
Reason Im asking is we are looking at moving my furniture to the USA soon after I get back and its cheaper to use my house to keep my furniture in than it is too put it in storage.
Am just wondering what the score would be when it comes to repairs and inspection visits by DE/MHE whilst I and the wife are away.

Storage is going to cost us 30 quid a week and my house is only 60 quid a month! We are going to cut off the phone and the broadband and such like and gas will be minimal.
Any advice from anyone who has done this??
A word of warning-my next door neighbour fekked off home to mum when hubby went on tour. After 4 months the mate she had left the key with finally decided to go and check the post. A small leak in the from bedroom sink pipe-about one drip every three seconds had, over 4 months brought down the front room ceiling, caused mould everywhere and written off all the carpets. According to the local housing office about 10k worth of damage. Also if your house is empty for more than 28 days your insurance will usually become invalid-so be very ware!
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