Housing discrimination

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jps1, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. I am a single farther living in a MQ in Germany; I have made sure my status has never got in the way of work or exercises. I recently wanted my girlfriend from the UK to stay with me for a couple of weeks during for a holiday, however my welfare office who issues passes told me she was not allowed to stay in my house. I am allowed anyone from the UK to stay with me but if I am romantically linked with them it is classed as co-habiting, and is not allowed. On our camp single soldiers are allowed their girlfriends to stay in the block with them, but because I am a single farther with a MQ mine is not allowed to stay one night. I have never complained about the Army, going away constantly or living by their sometimes outdated rules but this is ridiculous and surly contravenes some European law or human right.

    Had my moan now,
  2. Your welfare officer is being a Plum. As the signee of the housing contract you can have virtually anybody visit you and stay. I suggest in future you either:
    a. Don't mention her visit, and just crack on..
    b. Try and get someone to drag your Welfare Officer into the 21st century.

    Dinosaurs like that are one of the many reasons that retention is such a problem!!
  3. If only it was that simple, my welfare officer seems to have spys everywhere. If I fart in my house he knows about it, i swear he is psychic.
  4. Why do you need to talk to him? I thought people in MQsncould have anyone round to stay: after all it is your house/apartment that you pay rent for!

    Tell him to fcuk off and invite who you want.
  5. Go and talk to your units equal opportunities officer and explain your situation to them. I would suggest you ensure they record the meeting so no unwritten rules can be used to deflect your issue.
  6. It is their business apparaently, its all to to with the Licence to occupy a married quarter. I have to go to him to get her camp pass. I like the idea for the EO advisor though.
  7. I suggest you get a copy of the licence to occupy (if you've lost the original), just checked mine....and there is no ruling on visitors that would stop your GF staying
  8. Sounds like your Welfare Officer is a God Fearing man (and a bit of a chod as well).
  9. I fall under the category of single entitled, it does say I can not co-habit. Apparently one night constitutes co-habiting.
  10. I'd have a chat with your padre, maybe he could have a quiet word.

    I guess that this is the welfare officers own decision, so alternatively talk to your Divisional Officer (that is Navy speak, I don't know what term the Army uses).

  11. where does it state that?
  12. I am an EO Advisor.

    You can have anyone stay at your house and you don't have to explain the reason why - so long as you are not making a profit from the venture (which is allowed provided you make the relevant application beforehand and declare it on Self-Assessment etc) or that the reason for the stay is not unlawful/illegal.

    Now the reason that you have had a pass refused is that your girlfriend is not lawfully "linked" to you, in same way they your wife, mother-in-law, sister, uncle etc would be.

    This is relevant because the Army is not under any duty to provide tax-free allowances, medical care, dental care, compassionate travel etc, to your girlfriend, as they would be to someone who was "lawfully linked" to you.

    So it is quite right that the pass is refused. If you choose to bring her over anyway, no one will know unless something happens (Emergency Dental/Medical for instance) in which case you will be right in it if the Army have to sort it out in spite of the fact that they told you that it wasn't allowed.

    Now, you may be thinking that in the event of any misfortune, that you will arrange German civil treatment - that is fine if she has private medical insurance which extends to Europe - but the E111 Card will not suffice - this is because the reason that she will be in Germany is to visit you - and you are here under the Status of Forces Agreement and not Article 39 EC (Free Movement of Workers) - that is the underlying reason of having to ask for a pass in the first place.

    How to get round it - well, hope that she doesn't need any compassionate treatment, or if she does, ensure she has private medical care and that you tell the relevant authorities that she is here on holiday and visiting you co-incidentally.

    I know that it's crap - but I have been around the block on this one - twice.
  13. Another one of those stupid rules.

    My fiancé and I are both in the army, soon to be posted to the same unit and want to live together before we get married. I recently rang up to find out about applying for a surplus quarter at my future unit and was happy to hear that infact, I could. I asked what the catch was as it sounded too good to be true and sure enough, they replied that I could apply for a house but I wasn't allowed to co-habit. So a singlie could get a house to themself, yet two squaddies who want to live together, can't. This doesn't seem entirely logical. Surely it's because of this (along with other factors) that so many soldiers are choosing to get married young and eventually getting divorced because of it?
  14. Correct.

    Although to be fair if a young couple make the choice to marry, they cannot hold the Army responsonsible if their marriage irretrievably breaks down at some later point due to their getting married too early in their lives.

    They can rent, or buy their own place if they wish to "test the water".[marq=right]
  15. My girlfreind is not lawfully linked to me, true. However I can have friends stay with me, he has already said that, as long as I am not romanticly linked with them. His whole point is not about medical treatment ect... it was that I would be co-habiting in my MQ, even if only for one night.