housing /disabled dependants and and army housing in general

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by burnleybootboy, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. We all know that some people maybe under the idea that if you have a disabled dependant then the army will look after you.B***ocks! :x
    I have decided to post this topic to try and find any other persons that have had problems from either hitlertite styled housing clerks/estate wardens or any others of a similar ilk.
    I will even throw in welfare Officers and their little clan to boot!
    My wife was registered disabled three years ago and the amount of support i have recieved has been to say the least under whelming.I think that the problem stems from the fact i am an attatched personnel or simply a junior rank and in some cases racism!i am white English attatched to a Scottish Regiment.
    I recently received my posting(assignment)order within germany.I filled in the relevant paperwork and sent it off and was promptly told that there were no five bedroomed disabled quarters in that area and offered a totally unsuitable four bedroom quarter (ground floor still with steps)
    I was happy to meet them halfway and recieve four bedrooms but it definatly had to be able to accommodate my wifes needs.I was told there was absolutly nothing. I then found out the very next day that friend of mine going to the same area had been allocated a house with four bedrooms.the house would have been more suited to as as my wife would have been able to "bump" her way up and down the steps or we could have had a stairlift fitted!
    we were moved two years ago with no help from anyone (except friends) with removals whilst my wife was in hospital . i had to move the flat and three small children ( I now have four ) whilst visiting her in hospital to then be treated like a cnut by the estate warden making me march out five times because he is a pedantic prck having to repaint a quarter that a week later was ripped out and op puma ed.
    Meanwhile my wife has been diagnosed with NASH due to the amounts of painkillers over prolonged periods leading to a slightly defective heart valve.On top of all this we are Foster carers for the Army(please join we are in dire straits)the reason for qualifying for an extra room.
    Now if any body ( i have tried the AFF and got a nasty women there although the other members seem nice) knows of any reason why i shouldnt think that any of the housing or welfare systems are a pile of effing shit then please feel free to justify your answers.
    I know that my mother in law is one step away from seeking either legal advice or informing certain tabloids of the situation.
    all i want is a little help please cheers :( :( :( :( :( :(
  2. onsomething i forgot to mention.The nasty lady at AFF made a BooBoo and said that there are only five bed quarts for majors and above then retracted when someone in the background shouted shhhh.
    secondly i was told that there are at least 26 officers moving in within the next two months ( bet they dont have the heart ache and bullsht i have had so far)
  3. What you need is a three bedroom flat /bungalow with no stairs then you wont have to have a stair lift installed ,Also ask if there are propertys with a wet room installed and adapted kitchen then your problem will be solved .