Housing at RAF Odiham

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by adampoo, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    being posted to RAF Odiham next year, whats the housing like? I know there are a few different areas, which ones are the ones to avoid etc.

    Thank you
  2. The quarters on the patch at the base are good. The offsite locns, Church Crookham etc are closer to the bright lights of Aldershot and Fleet. It depends onwhat you want, if you are green working light-blue, find out what the other guys and girls from your service think. That way you can make a balanced decision. Notwithstanding the RAF Brize Norton awful accomodation that made the press recently, in the main the RAF on base digs are pretty good.

    Hope you enjoy Odiham, it's a top station.
  3. I lived in Alton for 2 years and loved it, I was posted last year. The 2 beds are actually 2 and a half so you have a small boxroom and you can walk into the local town in 10 to 15 mins and that's at a stroll. It also has a brewery and a regular beer festival which upset the wife at times but these things happen.