Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by DaPs, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. When i join the Army and then get leave, i can easily stay with family. But if i wanted to stay on my own for leave, what can i do?

    I can hardly rent out a house and leave it empty. Also it would be near impossible to find a place to rent just for leave.

    What does everyone do?

    Are there any special Army accomodation around the country, or could you stay at the local barracks on leave?

  2. the army provides you with a room 365 days a year so you dont have to get out of it when on leave you can stay there!!

    i either visit friends and family or stay in the block, you will find there are plenty of other block rats there too!
  3. If i am stationed away from home(Swansea) then i would like a place in Swansea.

    Do they let people move for leave into other barracks? It's just abit annoying having to stay with family, independence dissapears within seconds you see :D
  4. fair one! being stuck with family on leave is never good when you want to be away.

    not usually the only plae you cant stay is in your own accommodation maybe if you asked nicely in one of the barracks you could use transit for a few days but usually that is only for visitors or courses!
  5. No, you get your bed space as a singlie, could be anything from a one man room if in new accomodation up to four man room once out of phase 2 training. As said you pay for that room 365 days a year but if away on course, leave, ops or exercise you will normally get the money back. When you go on leave stay at family, partners or mates houses or as a lot of singlies do go abroad on holiday. There are loads of people who buy a cheap house (if there are any left out there) and let the flat/house when they are away...........something to do in the future.

    The only time you get accomodation in another camp is if your there on a course.
  6. Thanks for the replies.

    Looks like i'll be staying with family, until i get enough money to buy my own place!

  7. could always invest in a tesco cardboard box and live in an alley!
  8. Rather ironic that alot of ex servicemen really do that.
  9. Get some bint, knock her up and hey presto, bedspace for life.