Houses For Heroes

I am trying to raise money for Houses For Heroes (Scotland). To date I have managed to raise about £700.00 and that equates to about 280 bricks. Due to my disabilities I am limited to an assisted wheelchair so cannot participate in runs or walks but I am trying.

As you can guess and know all too well we need more houses in the UK for the disabled veterans. Most require wheelchair access and height limited fittings, as you can guess it's not cheap.

So, would you like to buy a badge? Cost is £2.00 each plus the usual p&p. Sorry but the government won't allow free postage.

Their website is - Home - Houses for Heroes Scotland and here you will see their crest/badge.

PM me if interested with how many and your name and potal details. I will post on my days off so don't expect an immediate response but your donations.

Thanks for considering
Commendable if you are registered as a charity, but rather than start another new forces charity, why not support one of the existing ones that does this sort of thing already, like the RBL?
Hi Daxx,

We have been around since 1915 so are not a new Charity :)

Auld Git, thank you very much for your support. We stumbled upon your post this morning :) It's really appreciated :)
Banter over.

Houses For Heroes (Scotland) has been in existence 10x as long as Help For Heroes, Afghan Heroes etc. They are a highly commendable charity, legal registered within the UK, providing housing for ex Forces, Police and Fire Service. On their website you will see more about the services they provide.

I don't think it is too much to ask for a £2.00 donation and in return you get a. A badge b. The knowledge that there is an organisation out that there to help you if you ever need their assistance in the future.

I am only asking not begging or pleading.

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