Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by EX_STAB, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. Any ideas for some large leafed bold houseplants?

    I'm thinking of something perhaps 3 feet or so high, so far an Aspidistra is all I can come up with and I'm getting nowhere searching the internet because I don't know what to look for.

    What are they called? :?


    Some large bold architectural plant suggestions and pictures would be very welcome.

  2. You could try going to a garden centre and seeing which ones you like the look of.

    The knights of Ni say you need a shrubbery!
  3. Well, yes, I just wanted to do some research first..

    Ecky Ecky ftang ftang...etc. :)
  4. The right hand rear plant looks like a Ficus - a weeping fig.

    The front one is a bromeliad but that's about all I can guess - there isn't enough detail.

    Try a yucca.

    Mother-in-law's tongue.

    If I am right, aspidistras are OK but tend to make marks on the wall and carpet as the aerial roots try to suck moisture out of whatever they can find.

  5. Showing the inside of Kew Gardens is cheating, SBM!

    Identify those plants....

    The front one is a banana; not your usual front room plant!

  6. Cacti are useful for keeping people away - spread liberally around your living room - on the sofa, on the chairs, in the spare bed....

  7. Fatsia Japonica?
  8. What about a Japanese Peace Lily?
  9. Orchids are always nice....
  10. Cannabis Indicus is good....but keep it in the loft!!
  11. You can get these indoors too.

  12. As a lad I remember being taken to Stapeley Garden Centre in Cheshire and seeing one of the prop "Triffids" on display there. Looked really good!

    Now how about some more sensible suggestions?
  13. This is the plant I like
  14. Litotes is correct in that the right hand rear plant is a Weeping Fig (standard) and the centre does look like a form of Bromeliad, the left hand rear is a Palm

    The Palm and Bromeliad are easy to keep. The Weeping Fig can be - but they do tend to drop leaves if too dry, too wet, in a draft, etc!

    Litotes - the plant you are thinking of is a Swiss Cheese plant. Aspidistras don't have aerial roots, but long, dark green, glossy leaves. They will tolerate low light levels and do quite well if ignored - useful if you regularly spend time away from home. I would agree that a Mother in Law's tongue would also be easy to keep.

    (I knew training as a florist would come in useful one day! :D )