Houseing Advice.

I'm asking for any pointers on what to do next, as The forum members probably has several hundreds of years experience (normally in a couple of poster's) ;) So I'm asking for any advice.

Basically I will be unable to afford to stay in my rented house after November due to a combination of council tax bills and cost of rent.
The council say that as I earn around £15,000 they can't give me any help on either the council tax or housing benefit.
The housing department are saying that if I leave the property I will be making my self voluntarily homeless and they'll refuse to house me. Their Great Advice was to find somewhere cheaper. I'm already in the cheapest place I can find.
I'm on the housing needs register but As I'm not a druggie waster, and I work, I'm about place 600.
The CAB hasn’t been able to give me any useful advice.
House prices are so stupidly high I can't afford one of them even i I had any money. £90,000 will get you a tiny studio flat about the size of a large hotel room.
I've looked into housing associations, and no joy.
I don't drive so I can't move out of town due to both mine and my partners work.

So advice?
#2 for your first stop. Check with them to see if there any help, those dudes know all the moves. If you do indeed leave, well you're fcuked.

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