Householders And The Use Of Force Against Intruders

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mac1, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Found this leaflet whilst tidying up and thought it might be informative. It didn't work when I tried to scan & paste it, but found it on the internet anyway.

    Here its often a bone of contention regarding our ability to defend ourselves at home but, as this document shows, whilst the law might not be as steeped in our favour as some would like, its not quite the situation where we have to provide tea and cakes for the burglars that some think it is. Of course, the reality and the theory might be different...
  2. The advice my Grandfather gave me years ago still holds true.

    " Young 'un, always get rid of the bodies".

    What a great man he was.
  3. As with so many things like this, that information is open to a wide variety of interpretation.

    My opinion is that unless you (or a member of your family) is in direct danger then any form of attack on an intruder is likely to be perceived as 'excessive' or 'unnecessary' force.

    Another thing to consider is that if you hear an intruder in your house and you prepare yourself by grabing an object to use as a weapon, albeit self defence or not, that is likely to be seen as pre-meditated and therefore outside the realms of 'instinctive' as defined in that document.
  4. The article is boloocks.

    The "reasonable force" requirement only applies when arresting someone - not when defending yourself or another.

    The two have been mixed up for years leading to a lot of innocent people being jailed.

    If you are in fear of your life you may take whatever steps you think necessary.

    The state just wants you to live in fear so they can have a monopoly on violence.
  5. reasonable force is applicable to self defence. But on the bright side, it should not be hard to show that you were "in fear for your life" if someone breaks into your house while you are in it. After all, if someone breaks into a house that is occupied, it is fair to assume they are willing to use violence on the occupants. Also, if they are alone, it will be your word against theirs (assuming they live) and, of course, they attacked you first didnt they!
  6. I was reliably (ahem) informed by an Army Legal Service 'chap' that the Card Alpha ROE as we were given for telic were merely UK self defence law.

    On that basis, keep a Card Alpha in the breast pocket of your dressing gown and treat your police interview as an after action report, and you should be fine. :D
  7. Really, seriously, it only applies when making an arrest. There has been a misinformation campaign about this for years.
  8. If I and a burglar are in my house in the "silent hours", there will only be one witness...I think I can easily justify the force I intend to use, if there isn't some burberried fool shouting "No, I never...It wasn't like that gov'..." in the back ground.
  9. I am sure you are correct in theory but, If I were to be attacked by an unarmed midget and , in self defense, stabbed him 69 times with a kitchen knife, I doubt I would get away with it.
  10. The reality is in most cases where a householder uses violence against an intruder even if it results in death it rarely comes to court, or even results in the householder being charged. Of course we don't here that much about these cases because they don't sell newspapers or allow TV journalists to create a climate of fear.
  11. 'I think he had an epileptic fit while threatening me with a knife officer'
  12. Just put a penknife into his hands afterwards, job jobbed! :D
  13. I was woken by an intruder some years ago, as i disturbed him he made for the window he had entered, i managed to grap his leg as he went through, after much kicking and pulling i ended up with a broken nose and his trainer.

    Once the old bill decided to turn up some 2 hours later and after explaining what happened to them, i was informend that if they catch the south london scum bag who did this they would ask him if i caused any injury to him as he had rights too, also i was in the wrong for taking his trainer!!!!
  14. Or - Sorry cuntstubble but all I know is that I heard a noise in the kitchen and after I had got up and came down stairs I found him like this on the floor.

    Thinks - now fcukin prove otherwise! :twisted:
  15. The moral of the story is if you have to defend yourself, kill the intruder and make sure he has a weapon in his hand before the Liarbour Stormtroopers turn up. Only say "no comment" to any questions until your lawyer turns up. Then only say "an intruder attacked me and my wife (partner/girl/boyfriend etc etc) I was in fear of my life and that of my wife, I defended myself until the attacker stopped attacking.