Householder arrested after suspected burglars shot.

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by DrStealth, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. Householder arrested after suspected burglars shot

    BBC News - Householder arrested after suspected burglars shot

    four blokes inside the property at 0026hrs, uses legaly owned shottie to remove them.

    sounds like fair "use of reasonable force to protect himself, others and property" to me.

    hope hes not charged or otherwise f*cked about by the jobsworths in CPS.
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  2. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I'm sure one of the ARRSE plod will be along shortly to tell us that the householders have been arrested for their own protection.

    Seems to have done a pretty good job of protecting his own without plod help IMHO.
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  3. It's not fair on the criminals if they face the risk of armed citizens, lock them up!
  4. ******* plod *******. They should have given them a medal. Instead they'll be in cells and given a juice box and a cheese sandwich.
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  5. FHA

    FHA LE

    This is interesting. As you say, seems like a fair response as he was outnumbered 4 to 1. Could have ended differently for the property owner.
    Would have expected their injuries to be more than "life threatening" though. Birdshot (as opposed to fox load) I guess.
    Worth watching this: in my neck of the Arctic they've just jailed some prick for killing an old retired fella, who instinctively reacted to his pride and joy being stolen.
  6. Arrested but hopefully not charged. As has been said before on this site, plod will arrest until initial enquiries have been completed and the facts of the case been ascertained. Sorry to have spoilt a trip out for the bus.
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  7. Is this the standard bus where we all get on our high horses calling Plod names for rather sensibly investigating whether someone who's just shot two people actually was defending his house/family and hadn't just randomly shot some people who were walking past his garden gate before the circumstances are established and they're released without charge if they haven't broken the law?

    If so, can I have one on the top deck please?
  8. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    I think that it's SOP for the police to arrest everyone until the facts of the case can be ascertained.

    They can't just act on the assertion of the shooter that the shootees were burglars or that's a whole can of worms opened.
  9. If the OB nick you for shooting burglars, tell them before you went to bed, you were watching the uncut version of Death Wish II, with it's truly horrendous aggravated home invasion and gang rape scenes.
  10. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    **** me, that was spooky. Three posts at exactly the same time saying the same thing.

    It's either the anti-outrage brigade or schizophrenia.
  11. when in doubt collar the lot!

    ...thats quite fair IMHO for most violent situations untill ALL facts are established.
    getting arrested means f-all, lets see who gets charged and with what.
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  12. Or the Plod could investigate the incident, get all the information together, pass it on to the CPS and let them decide what action to take.
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  13. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Anyone when the good old days when we'd simply be outraged...?
  14. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Quadrophenia now.
  15. He'll lose his gun, it was either to hand in which case why or it was secured and he deliberately went to get it with the intent of using it on the villains. In the latter case his life was not in danger at the time he went to get it.

    Not fair I know but I think they'll try to do him, it's another firearms offence solved.
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