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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Toe-Mass, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. [align=justify]Hello!

    I've been sponsored onto the RCB Briefing by the Army Career Advisor and am in the process of choosing a few regiments for "fam "visits and ultimately sponsorship for the RCB.

    Since I like the idea of the ceremonial side of things and I'm quite keen to be in London, I'm tempted to put down some regiments in the Household Division, probably the Coldstream Guards or the Grenadiers for one choice and one of the Cavalry regiments for the second choice.

    I was wondering whether anyone had any useful info on what life is actually like in these regiments beyond the usual stereotypes. Also, does anyone know what the "fam" visits will involve.

    Any thoughts on Cavalry vs Infantry?

  2. Do you have a second income? Couttes bank account? Insufferable air of smugness? Then the Household Division is for you.
  3. Do you have a huge chip on your shoulder about not having the above? Then Speedy's mob is for you...

    Seriously, do a bit more research on the Army/Regt websites to gather facts and visit the relevant Inf and Cav forums here for opinions.

    I would not join the Gds based purely on being in London, the Bns spend most of their time away from there doing a good job as light/mech/armd inf.

    Of course, there is always the HCR, so you could divide your tours between Formation Recce stuff in Windsor vs. Ceremonial stuff in Knightsbridge...
  4. I said I know those are what the stereotypes are. I'm a pretty down to earth fellow and can get along with most sorts of people but I'm not too keen on people who are full of themselves just for the sake of it. I understand that what you've just described is the stereotype but surely it can't actually be like that nowadays? Obviously some regiments are bit more public schooly than others but ultimately are they a good bunch or not? Does anyone know first hand?
  5. trackedgopher - thanks for your input. I'm a very well balanced fellow...I have a chip on both shoulders (ha.....ha). I've done a fair amount of research on the web but the regimental websites are largely useless. Can I ask which regiment you're in?

    The HCR really do appeal to me because I enjoy riding. However, I'm not sure my standard of riding would be good enough at the moment - do they provide decent training? That said, I'm planning on going over to Argentina in September and will do a lot of riding there.

    I've put down HCR and the Grenadiers for the fam visits but I imagine it's all quite flexible at the moment.

    Note to speedy: I think it was Terrence Rattigan who said "You can be in the Horseguards and still be common, dear" although he probably isn't a leading authority on things.

    Anyways..back to the orignal question: what's life actually like in the Household Division...what are the officers like and what are the soliders like? Are they truly insufferable snobs or is it just a myth?
  6. ..I thought that fam' visits were done first by the Division?
  7. Hi CIG,

    Well I'm not too sure - the Brigadier who conducted the initial interview with me and booked me onto the RCB Briefing said that the Guards regiments just invite you lunch at their Club on Picadilly and give you a brief tour of the regiment - all done in an afternoon. For that reason he also booked me on a Royal Artillery fam visit because it's a much better intro to Army life (3 days residential). What stage are you at in the process and which regiments are you interested in?
  8. RCB Briefing pass.

    Hunting for sponsorship, RCB main board booked.

    Cavalry, or Household Division. I am as yet undecided, my family links to both be tenuous at best and because I don't know as much about the Household Division as I do the line cavalry.

    I'll only decide once my knowledge is more balanced, and that is assuming I manage to pass the RCB main board.
  9. Well Massive Toe, best not join up, or better still stay in bed. You will find these types everywhere, regardless of sex, service or capbadge. I have found exceptionally arrogant w@nkers in 'down to earth' Regts and some great people in the Household Div (and vice versa); best do more research, get one's arrse on some fam visits and find out for yourself...

    Neither Inf, nor Cav but have worked with both. If you're intelligent enough you should be able to work the rest out.

    From what you have said HCR sounds like a good choice; get on a fam visit to find out. I'm sure your character and personality will mean more to your future Regt than your ability to ride, you can learn riding in due course! Just remember you need to get through RCB and Sandbags first...
  10. Which line cavalry regiments? I hear the KRH are a good bunch and that the 9/12L are pretty awful. I met a 9/12L chap a year or so ago, OE fellow who within 30 seconds of meeting me had shown me video footage on his phone of a live sex show he went to in Amsterdam - wasn't quite sure what to make of him!

    Are you at university now? Have you done any fam visits?
  11. Very cryptic trackedgopher! I have a few ideas. Yep..obviously am in no desperate rush as I do have RCB Briefing, RCB and Sandbags to pass!

    Yep you're right - one gets arrogant pratts all over the place and it is just a question of dealing with them. One of the reasons I want to join the Army so much is that I spent a whole summer working in a major investment bank surrounded by the worst sort of characters imaginable. People who would take every opportunity to stab one in the back to the extent where one person sabotaged my final presentation. Am all in favour of competition but I do expect it to be fair! I'm hoping the Army will have a rather more decent selection of people than in banking. Is this realistic?
  12. I know a 9/12th rather well too, I may make some enemies here but he has impressed me a great deal. I shan't judge a regiment on a single officer though, for good or for bad.

    I would be honoured to serve in the QDG, every one of their officers serving and otherwise have impressed me. The question is whether I would be able to meet the standard. KRH were an option, indeed my first real taste of the cavalry; however if I join the cavalry, the reconnaissance regiments are what I would aspire to.

    Within the Guards' Division though, I would have to favour one of the regiments of Foot Guards. I don't specify though, on account of not yet having a broad view of them all, and having no prominent family ties to any of them. To lead infantry of the Foot Guards has been an aim since I was young and I do not yet know if the cavalry have really eclipsed that.
  13. Fcuk me, Civilian_in_Green, are you from the eighteenth century? I'd imagine leading infantry of the Foot Guards is pretty much the same as leading infantry of any honest to goodness Line Regt. You're thinking cross belt, red jacket, shako and Bess Browning, I'm thinking Kappa sweater, brilliantly light Reebok classics, and a map of Africa in the front of the jeans.

    You're so intense, I love it! Were you a disturbingly serious minded child, who put his toy guardsmen on a charge if they fell over backwards while lined up under the sofa in the living room?

    Here's a question: would you join, say....the RLC?
  14. *shrug*

    I suppose I might, if they impressed me enough. Though I think I'd prefer being in a combat unit.

    At the end of the day, you can't really tell unless you've paid them a visit and I don't even know how accurate an impression that is anyway.
  15. I always got the impression they they were different, even more professional. It's easy to the the wrong impression when looking for the outside in though.

    That said, troops aside, it would be a different lifestyle. Different mess. I'm sure it can't be true to say that the regiments are all the same.