Household Division TRFs



Does anyone know where i can get hold of some Household Division TRFs?

Mine were taken of for the job i was doing in Afghanistan by the tailors shop, so i was unable to save them.

When i got back i went to the CQMS to put my shirts etc in for tailoring but was informed that they tailors shop aren't taking any kit in for flashes etc at that time.

I'm now on leave so am unable to get to anyone on rear party who might have access to said flashes. I have searched the web and did find Kelly Badge but they are currently sold out.

Normally i would wait till after leave, but i'm on a course in the new year and although i could probably get hold of some flashes when i go for my pre course medical, that would be cutting it a bit close especially if i can't get hold of any.

Sorry for the long winded explanation but i don't want any clever cnuts telling me to go to the CQMS or other such crap.

Mate, I've got a couple of spares. Brand spanking new, unstitched, unused.

Let me know if you still need them.

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