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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Alexhill, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. Hey im intrested in joing either the paras or the household cav, but wondering what the hell you do for training in the household also ,which is the better:? .
    Thx :)
  2. HCR have a para trained Squadron, "best of both worlds"?
  3. If you like watching people fall off horses (and who doesn't). There was quite a good programme on the BBC about the training, "The Queen's Cavalry" it was called. No doubt it will be repeated on one of the digital channels sooner or later.
    And of course

    It seems odd to be undecided between the paras and the household cavalry, they're really quite different. Sounds like you need to do some more research.
  4. Its been repeated on the History Channel at 20:00 for the last couple of weeks. They keep refering to the Horse riding training being "one of the hardest courses in the army". Oh F*cking really.
  5. I agree, maybe need to look into more detail on what these regiments do, as they have very little similarities between them. So it seems strange choice to be trying to choose between them. however in a nutshell....

    HHC- spend career guzzling champers with future King and ponies

    PARA- spend career getting f*cked about, treated like sh*t, half your life on operational tours, and (according to the telegraph) dont get to jump out of planes!

  6. In all fairness and correctness, HCR are Recce and do have an airbourne squadron and have seen action in many theatres just as many other Frontline Troops have. I have only served with HCR as an attached arm, but in my time there, there was alwasy one squadron/troop or another on ops.

    You are getting them confused with HCMR (M being Mounted) who perform the cerimonial part. But yet again, even that is to much stereo typing as guys swap between the 2 units and roles if they wish, and the "horse rideing" is just an additional trade/skill alongside theri CVR(T) qualifications
  7. Well i have done some research and before starting this thread i looked through the job description....
  8. So we spend our time guzzling champers with future King and ponies do we???? So how do you explain the awards?

    CGC x 2
    MC x 3
    Plus others

    We now have one SNCO who holds both the CGC and the MC.

    Then you have the guys killed in action.

    If you don’t know what we do, don’t comment TW*T.
  9. Now you've done it.
    I cannot remember you swearing no matter how hard I try. We know what we do/ have done and that it makes a lot of people envious.
    On the other hand I, swear a lot so Git your fuggin stories straight and do your fuggin research you shiny ar5ed remf retards and civvi wannabe to55ers...... uh oh medication time :D

  10. Jesus! Where you get your info from you soggy abortion? do yourself a favor and do a little background check before you make a post like that.
  11. Reading the Dancing-C's backlog it appears that he is a Jock, TA soldier who has done a PTI's course...........thats why he's so knowledgable......doh !
  13. Yeah, it's got to be the chef's training programme, as nobody has passed it yet! :D
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Please ignore the Dancing_Clown. He speaks with all of the experience and wisdom of youth (oh, and 6 months sangar bashing on T7). Perhaps one day he will experience service outside of the 4 Para comfort zone and begin to understand the larger army picture.

    The Duke (served alongside D Sqn HCR, and rates them highly)
  15. It is very rare that I swear even when I was a drill instructor, but that guy hit the wrong spot.