Household cavalry

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Hi guys,

Just wondering if the HCR was a good regt to join as I'm keen to join them it's just my recruiter said on ops well they weren't the best :-/ any help would be great. Thanks
As showmi said.. join the AGC, there are few in there ranks who are part of the big three..! sas,sbs and the infamous SPS!
Recruiters will only love their own regiment. They also lie like cheap naafi watches.
Well, they lied about the bed time story anyway.

So tell the chippy RLC feck to get a grip of his neck. Do some research and make up your own mind where you want your career to go.

Be aware, you will be always donkey walloper, and expected to do kinky with horses.
Is the ceremonial side constant or do you get a break. Also what are they like on ops and on the armoured side of things??
If you look at a couple of threads I've posted in, I've asked pretty much the same questions. And they all got answered. Should find them helpful.
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