Household Cavalry Walt?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by POGscribbler, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. Looks like full dress for one of the Line Cav Regiments. The collar badge & primrose stripe suggest RDG, but I'm sure in the days of the Skins we didn't allow ugly wives...
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  2. Are you SERIOUSLY suggesting that the rig is what stands out the most in this picture? :omfg:
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  3. Not Scots DG but could be one of the Yeomanry Regiments
  4. Wah shield on

    Thats no bird! (Perrhaps an Arrser on a recent London crawl!)

    Wah shield off
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  5. 'She' should be persecuted by the Waltenkommando for masquerading as a woman!

    Er...hold on it's Colours B****S late of 42 Cdo RM, Sir I salute you.
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  6. i wouldnt want to have to fight her
  7. RDSG................?? Is that a contemporary version of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (RSDG)?? :eek:)
  8. Mong typing - meant RDG! We all know Scots DG are Scots DG, not RSDG & the various other ghastly versions put on here!
  9. The sword's a 1908 Pattern too, not the H Cav sword. No 'flask cord" on the pouch belt. So many things wrong with that rig.

    And that's deffo not a "bird"... :)
  10. Could it be some sort of fancy dress event?
  11. I don't even think HPF & his ACF AI chums went this far.
  12. My guess (and it is only that) is Yeoman Cav. No self respecting regular would look that shit. I am ruling out fancy dress beacuse the medals look genuine and I just dont want to believe anyone would put their real medals on a fake uniform. I belive the bird to be real only because it is serious commitment to fancy dress for a bloke to have a "ladylike" tattoo done on his thigh!