Household Cavalry tribute to Frankel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fairy_nuff, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Frankel is unbeaten in 13 of his 13 races. His last race is at Ascot on Saturday although his trainer, Sir Henry Cecil has concerns about the ground. This is the HC's tribute to probably the greatest racehorse.

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  2. HC looking more masculine than normal I see?
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  3. About time I broke Frankels run, I'll bet on him on his next race. I think they look nice in pink
  4. Do they leave the enemy shaking in fear or dying of laughter?
  5. Where have you been? They are wearing a copy of the racing silks the jockey wears when Frankel races
  6. He won! 14 out of 14 what a horse. Dodgy start, then moved up, changed gear and whoosh!!! That's my boy
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  7. Meh, If he does it at Aintree or Cheltenham I might notice
  8. This week champion nag, next week, 48 cases of Pedigree Chum.
  9. Wah meter on. He's not a jumper.
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  10. The latest talk from the connections is he will earn his owners £100 million in stud fees!

    I sense a lot of cynics in this thread. He has won 14 group 1 races out of 14 and is rated by anyone who knows anything about horse racing as the best ever. I just wish I owned one of his fetlocks......I could retire!
  11. A racehorse wins a race.

    That is all, except the Household Cav live up to their reputation as blowers of city gentry.
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  12. Thought I'd jinx it by having money on the race which is what usually happens on sure sert, but he won. Not a fan of flat racing, way too bent but he is an amazing horse.
    Going to take my winnings, probably 20p and..........

    New thread what can I do with 20p
  13. Hump most of the female posters on this site?
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  14. Thats my point
  15. Do you understand what going to stud means? It means he will end his days shagging any mare for a price and the money goes to his owners. That's flat racing, race,win add value, shag not something most on arrse could live up to