Household Cavalry Ranks

Discussion in 'RAC' started by musicalmarvin, Jan 16, 2005.

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  1. How do cavalry ranks work - Corporal of Horse etc. Who uses them, and how do they equate to infantry ranks?
  2. Along time ago the HCR realised 'sergeant' meant servant. Being a bunch of stuck up donkey wallopers changed the rank to Corporal of the horse. In house its referred to as ' 3 bar' .
    Below link gives a good guide to equivalent ranks across the three services.

  3. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    That load of old rubbish alway comes out.
    The real reason is you can't say "stop it sgt" with yer mouth fulll of cock!
    No it is just the pre Cardwell ranks
    Only Corporals, of foot if inf of horse if heavy Cav
    Senior Cpl deputises for Orificer
    Hence a bit of Latin" Major"
    Hence Coporal Major!

    Not complicated
  4. As far as I recall it goes as below (unless someone who knows corrects me )

    The Houshold cavalry (life Guards and Blues and Royals as they were pre amalgamation)

    Two stripes with a crown above it = Lance Corporal (Lance Corporal)

    Three cloth stripes with a crown above it = Lance Corporal of Horse ( Corporal )

    Three brass stripes with a crown above it = Corporal of Horse (sergeant )

    The above two can be confusing in Combats with black stripes on a green background.

    Four upside down stripes with a crown above it = Staff corporal ( Staff sergeant )

    Warrant Officers class 2 = Corporal Major (same rank badge)

    RSM = Regimental Corporal Major (same rank badge)

    The only difference with attatched arms is Corporals wear three stripes and are entitled to use the WOs & COs Mess (sgts mess)

    The rest of the Cav ranks are the same as everyone else (Yet again I await to be corrected :D )
  5. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Nearly right


    Cpls from attached arms are LSGTS and so wear 3 chevrons

    The hcr has an all NCO's mess, Lcpl upwards/ lcpls pay a smaller mess bill and have no voting rights at mess meetings

    Blues and royals historically wear metal chevrons on a brassard but the opportunities for this are few these days

    Three brass chevrons- cloth crown - LCOH
    Three brass chevrons-metal crown - COH

    The junior officer rank in the RHG/D is a Cornet.
  6. Queen' Dragoon Guards Lance Corporals wear two stripes and they have a bod who wears four stripes and a crown - Staff Sergeant Major ???
  7. You want to try 9/12 rank structureAnything bellow 3 stripes means your just a glorified bloody trooper ,Unless of course you play football (poorly) then your what ever rank the highest regi team member is

    Must be the only full screws with three stripes and a crown!
  9. In QDG L/CPL has two stripes,CPL two stripes and a little badge , and the chap with four stripes and a crown is an SQMS . :)
  10. Feck me - it's getting just like the septics - everyone wants more badges!
  11. Bombardier/Lance Bombardier are ranks of the Royal Artillery. All corporals in the Foot Guards are automatically appointed Lance Sergeant (wearing three chevrons) and lance corporals wear two chevrons. The Household Cavalry maintains the old cavalry tradition of having no rank of sergeant, which was originally an infantry rank only. It has its own peculiar set of insignia and ranks with the following equivalents:

    Staff Corporal = Staff Sergeant: Four chevrons, point up and worn on the lower sleeve, with metal crown above
    Corporal of Horse = Sergeant: Three chevrons, with metal crown above
    Lance Corporal of Horse = Lance Sergeant (Corporal): Three chevrons, with cloth crown above
    Lance Corporal: Two chevrons, with cloth crown above.
    Similarly, warrant officer appointments are different, with, for example, Regimental Corporal Major being used in place of Regimental Sergeant Major. Uniquely, non-commissioned officers and warrant officers of the Household Cavalry do not wear any insignia on their full dress uniforms (although officers do). Rank is indicated by a system of aiguillettes.
  12. Corporal of Horse = Sergeant: Three chevrons, with metal crown above
    Lance Corporal of Horse = Lance Sergeant (Corporal): Three chevrons, with cloth crown above

    These insignia may be fine in the Household Cavalry, but anywhere else in the Army they'll be confused with Staff Sergeants.
  13. Just to confuse you all a little more just wait till you see the Ceremonial Uniform!!!!!

    Very few ranks actually wear rank on the arm all down to auiguillettes and epillettes.......

    More french shite we robbed I believe! by the way those boots don't look like fun

    'Change step'
    'Change step'
    'Change step'
    'Change step'
  14. I can understand how the rest of the Armed Forces could mistake the three chevrons and brass crown above (COH) for that of a Staff Sergeant as they are normally of equal bearing and demeanour!
    Quite often I have read posts on this BB which have been of a more aggressive nature not your normal inter Regimental joshing which is inevitable, as we are all proud of the Colour which we served under I can understand and quite enjoy most of the banter which goes back and forth,
    But if certain members of this BB incorrectly chose there Regiment and are now (may I say) Jealous of those who have the Honour to have served in the Oldest and (yes I have to say Best) Regiment in this Mans Army then I have but one thing to say “Antiquis temporibus, nati tibi similes in rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem”