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Household cavalry ranks.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by papegojan, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. As a point of curiosity, I know the rank structure of NCO's in the household cavalry, but was wondering how they are displayed on cs95 slides, as metal crowns above stripes is hardly tactical. Can anyone enlighten me please?
  2. as an ex guardsman (Sgt (now RE Cpl)) we had the same.

    A L/Cpl wore 2 on his chest in 95
    a L/Sgt (Cpl) wore 3 and a Sgt also wore 3

    it's only in 2 dress/ tunic you see the difference...
    Red sash ect:ect:
  3. Lance Corporal 2 stripes and a crown
    Corporal (Lance Corporal of Horse) 3 stripes and a crown
    Sergeant (Corporal of Horse) 3 stripes and a crown) and a swagger in his step
    Staff Sergeant (Staff Corporal) 4 stripes(upside down) and a crown

    hope that helps
  4. Corporal (Lance Corporal of Horse) 3 stripes and a crown
    Sergeant (Corporal of Horse) 3 stripes and a crown

    So would these both be black or yellow/gold in the field?


  5. I've read that in Number 2 Dress a Corporal of Horse wears a metal crown over a three tape chevron, while a Lance Corporal of Horse wears a cloth crown over a three tape chevron.

    On DPM, a Corporal of Horse wears gold embroidery, while a Lance Corporal of Horse wears black embroidery.
  6. Question answered. Thanks everyone
  7. Very confusing. IIRC Catterick had a Garrison Corporal Major (instead of Garrison RSM) in about 1977-78. Can anyone conirm / deny or is it just my fevered imagination again?
  8. I spent time with the lifeguards in Cyprus so I reckon I can kinda ansewer this question. The reason they don't have Sergeants is because the word Sergeant means 'Servant' Queen Victoria didnt want a Corp of such a senior rank and close to her called Servants so now on her decree they have to be Corporals ie Corporal of Horse, The gold crown denotes a Sergeant with three stripes, two stripes and a cloth crown is a Lance corporal, three stripes and a cloth crown is a full Corporal. They don't have a Sergeant major its a Corporal Major 8)
  9. That's about the size of it, well done and my condolences for having to spend time with the LG. :D
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    And SQMC - confused me for oooh 2 seconds when we followed A Sqn LG to UNFICYP and I saw this on a door.
  11. Many thanks for the confirmation lads. It took me years just to learn the basic ranks, near had a breakdown when I saw some of this lot.
  12. Say Butler, did you know James Blunt or his brother? Or Madonna? 8)
  13. Does Corporal Major just wear a normal WO badge?
  14. similar
  15. Mr Blount was a LG I believe. being as I avoided them like the plague (barring a few down to earth ones) no. As for Madonna that's another story. ;)