Household Cavalry/RAC

I was wondering if someone could help me out:
I am wanting to go regular officer after uni, and have always been really interested in the Household Cavalry. I went to a fairly average (not very posh) private school in aberdeen, and im far from upper class, and i was wondering if its worth getting in while risking not being able to afford a social life with your fellow JOs

However, I am aware that they are traditionally the poshest regiment in the army, and have heard some horror stories about their mess bills being higher than their salaries etc etc. This said, i have also heard different things from other people, such as they recently commissioned an ex-para corporal etc, so you don't HAVE to be loaded to join...
I fully understand that there will be many rich and socially grand people in the officers mess, and indeed a couple of my best mates at uni went to Eton and Winchester, and it don't bother me, but is this exclusive or are there non-aristoctratic guys too?

Iv recently passed briefing and i have main board this June, and im hoping to get some fam visits done soon to a few RAC regiments, so I was thinking of going down and seeing the Hcav for myself...

Anyone got any advice about whether its worth trying?
It's always worth going on a fam visit to ANY regiment you may be interested in. In this case you may be surprised, or you may be right. One thing for sure is you won't know unless you try, and the advice you get on an internet forum can be dog toffee (mine excepted, clearly...) If you have to, visit every Cav regt and the RTR - you'll find one of the messes at least is somewhere you feel at home.

A few other points:
1) I will assume your fast and loose spelling, punctuation and grammar is because you're typing on here - if so fine. If not then you need to square that away pre-RCB.
2) I would suggest a username that isn't your real name.
The days of posh are long gone. It is quite difficult to tell the officers from the OR's especially as they all cut around in combats.
Do it or regret it.
You never know.
Plus Windsor, 45 mins from London.
And thats a reason to join Houshold cav.
The reasons to join The Household Cavalry Regiment are too many to list on here and far outweigh the reasons not to but I cannot maintain my spelling so will not attempt it.
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