Household Cavalry Postings

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Smiler_1985, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. Im hoping (if i get through the med forms, ADSC etc) to get into the Household Cavalry. I'v read the Armyjobs description and I know they are in London for HCMR and Windsor for HCR, just wondered if they get posted to other bases in the UK/Abroard. Besides the obvious Afghan deployments etc.

    PS- Sorry if this sounds a bit dumb, was just curious :)
  2. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    You will find that they will pretty much remain in those two locations for the forseeable future HCMR for obvious reasons and HCR because its unlikely that they will be deployed back to Germany.
    You will as you are well aware be deployed as part of Battlegroups to Afgan etc. Other than that once you have completed training and got a bit of service under your belt you will be able to apply for ERE postings to other units or locations as an individual rather than as part of a sub unit.
  3. Guessing Germany didnt go well?

    Thanks for the reply. Shame its only those 2 as other units seem to go everywhere but Im still set on it as a career. Thnx again :)
  4. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its not that its just that Germany is being gradually drawn down it seems to me.
    The reason Windsor is the home of the Regiment is that Combermere Barracks virtually belongs to HCR. I believe there is some sort of agreement with whoever the landowner is or was that prevents other units being posted there permenantly.It may be an urban myth but there must be an element of truth in it as between us and the Lifeguards we have been there a very long time!
    Good luck Smiler
    ( Might I gently point out that the abbreviation is RHG/D,it will save you trouble later mate)
  5. Aye thnx for the hint buddy ;)

    You are'nt the first to suggest the drawing down of Germany Postings. Heard it mentioned by a Sgt in my acfo but never gave it much though
  6. who names the horses in the household cavalry? im asking because i wondered if i will ever ge the chance. im joing on the 15th of november
  7. I was wondering are the regiments ie. like QDG permanently based in Germany now or do they alternate on like cycle with other regiments?
  8. I'm going by what I was told on a visit to Knightsbridge Barracks a long time ago.

    Each year is allocated a letter of the alphabet in sequence and the horse so named - for example, if 1995 was letter 'F' in the sequence, all horses born in that year would have a name starting with 'F'.
  9. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Been out a while now mate (10 years) so not best placed to answer, with the current tempo of operations far exceeeding anything we ever did im not sure. Every unit used to be a slave to the Arms Plot which dictated where and when they would be posted. There may still be something of that ilk around but as ive stated best ask someone more current.
    The RAC was ever heavilly committed to Germany but with a few units based in England between Bovy/Catterick/Saffon Waldren/Warminster etc.
  10. More info here
  11. The troop 3 bar will get everyone together and everybody will come up with a list on names as Joe suggests, then they'll be passed on to the troop leader. Each troop only gets a couple of newbies each year, battle honours are the most popular names given. Except one named "Unknown" because it appeared (literally) from the back of beyond and someone scribble it on the name plate.