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household cavalry nicknames



I was just woundering why life guards are called "the tins" and blues and royals "dinks"
Sorry, but for the sake of Detmold-drunk, I just have to say...

They are called Donkey Whallopers, as far as im concerned.

I wont go into the other names for them :)
Donkey Whalloping comes from the old cavalry method of cleaning up your horses backside...ie whacking ur hand up its arrse.

edited for mong spelling
Gren said:
They are called Donkey Whallopers, as far as im concerned.
Only since SDI (Strategic Dyslexia Initiative) when they gained the additional "h", marking them out as extra special.
My old man started me on calling them the Piccadilly Cowboys and, having been around them at Guards Depot, I have no reason to think otherwise :lol: :lol: :lol:

Did have one CoH at the depot who was a brilliant bloke though, and he f(u)cking hated horses!! :? :? :?


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I remember a colleague used to refer to them as, respectively, The Bums and Boils and The Wife Guards and collectively as the Housewife Cavalry.

I could not possibly comment.


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seemahpoint said:
"Tin-Bellies" is a reference to the cuirace(sp?) they wear, big shiny soup plate job around the guts.
Cuirass - Froggy for breastplate - pronounced Queer Ass

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