Household Cavalry Crop

Mainly looking towards the Guards blokes here (no offence chippies), but does anyone know where I can find a Household Cavalry Crop from? PRI shop's asking for £50, hoping to find something cheaper
Get your hand in your tight blue red blue pocket and stump up the money, surely you gwards and cavalwy types can afford it. Unlike chavvy chippiies!!
I'm 16 mate - my cash goes on booze and women, like "gwards and cavalwy" blokes' wages usually do
Sixteen eh? nice bottle of Merrydown and a sticky fumble with a chav bint, then off to the youth club with your newly aquired cavalry crop, rock and roll fellah. god i miss my youth.................
Oh and if you really are sixteen keep the stupid chippie phrase out of your posts, grow some facial hair first, do some time and then come back wnaker!


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I can already feel the Regimental Corporal Major sharpening his pace stick ready for you young man. How did this end up in the Infantry thread anyway?
PS Everybody knows Honi Soit Que Mal Y Pense stands for get the areas done. I suspect you wont be as fireproof as you think. Ta Ta for now. X

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