Household Cavalry and Virgin Atlantic in new partnership!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by GeneralMayhem, Mar 27, 2010.

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  1. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan...
  2. I think its good news in these changing times.

    However I think the first RLC Civil Partnership with a Driver/Railway Operator and all the guests doing a 'ManTrain' at the evening function in the Mess may get a little more publicity.
  3. Bjorn your commenting in the wrong thread. Do me a favour jump over? Cheers.
  4. Fair enough. Withdrawn.
  5. The point in the article about the current generation of servicemen being more "liberal" particularly impressed me; as a cold war 'Old n Bold' of the 70s and 80s this event certainly challenges my own standards of liberality. The Army is moving with the times.

    Nontheless, best wishes to the newly married couple.
  6. If the Army wants everyone to believe that we think stuff like this is normal, why the frig do they have to push it so much? I didn't notice my wedding being covered in the national press and I never got a Soldier Mag front cover telling everyone how much I like shagging girls...
  7. As stated above,it's only the medja pushing this sort of thing.Normal marriages get no space at all.There are a lot of gays in the Beeb/medja etc,so that's no surprise.As for the Independent,it's not a paper I read,even if it is given away,in most places.
  8. I'm sorry but this fella seems to have an agenda. Can someone please tell me why, just because he is a brown hatter, that seems to be a reason for him to get on the front page of the Soldier magazine?

    I'd also be interested to know if the RCM allows all Junior Ranks that get hitched to use the facilities of the Mess. If that is the case then fair enough.

    Personally, that picture in the paper makes me want to puke.

    Each to their own though.