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i am in the Signals at the moment and i am considering a transfer to either tha Household Cav or the RHA. Can anyone who is serving or who knows anything about what it is like in the above please give me the low down on whats it like. Straight from the horses mouth instead of straight from the horses a**e. i would ultimately want to be a Farrier. thanks
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the HCav have a number of individuals who have transferred from the RSigs. Depending on your rank, you can go straight to HCR (armd Recce) or HCMR (Horses). The choice is yours and can be thrashed out with the CMO.
To be a farrier you will need to serve at HCMR for a few years first before being considered for evaluation. There are not many places available, and as a result places on the farrier staff are hard to get.

I hope this helps.

1. Are you R Sigs reg or TA ?
2. If reg are you looking at a rebadge RHA/HCR or go as R Sigs ?
3. Is it the sharp end or the poncing about with horses that interests you ? As previously stated the HCR have armd recce plus there are 3 Field RHA regts (one of which is Para), if its ceramonial you are intested in then for RHA please read Kings Troop.
I am not interested in any of the armd parts anf either units, i only want to work with horses.

i understand that i can only do this for 2 years at a time, but its got to be better than this crap (R Sigs).

I understand that there are limited places on the Forge (as expected) but either units cannot be impossible to get on the forge.

But i was wnadering which unit has the best propects/duties and is better in general. This would help in my decision of which to apply for when i have my RCMOs interview.

Can't speak for HCR but Kings Troop is supposed to be fairly crap unless you get a hardon for 5 o'clock muck outs etc, duty rumour is that they have the highest number of suicides in the army, probably an urban myth, please correct me if wrong, all I can say for certain is that the 2 guys I know who went there both hated it with a passion

But as they say, horses for courses (arghhh terrible pun) :D
Pure maths will tell you that with more horses, and therefore more farriers, your chances are better with HCMR.
What is your rank?
Don't forget that both HCMR and The king's Tp als send farriers to the efence Animal Centre on postings.
PM me if you want the info
If you want Troop and finally want to be a farrier then you should look at an attatchment. There is a three day course you can attend which will show you all you need. I have never known a suicide at the Troop and they don't get up at five. Working with horses is an aquired taste and the work is hard but give the RCWO a call and give it a try.
Why call the RCWO? I thought RCWO stood for "Regimental Catering Warrant Officer" who is a Slop Jockey? Jesus is the army so short staffed that anyone who has "jockey" in their job title required to ride?

No wonder it was easy to recruit so many "Sausage Jockeys".
e-mail me if you you would like any more info on King's Troop. I might be able to help you. I have never known of a suicide in the Troop, just to put that record straight.

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