Household Cav beat up arabs

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Five Troopers to Stand Trial over Attack

By Melvyn Howe, PA

Five Household Cavalry troopers were ordered to stand trial today in connection with the partial blinding of an Arab student during an attack in central London.

They were arrested after 23-year-old Syrian Adnan Said suffered facial injuries in an incident outside the Wellington Club, Knightsbridge, last November.

The engineering student, who is studying at University College London, was blinded in his left eye and had to undergo surgery to remove it.

The five, who were appearing at a plea and directions hearing at London’s Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court are Mark Goddard, 21, Clayton Daley, 25, Thomas Bush, 22, Maurice Mann, 22, and Ezphia Rennock, 21.

Goddard pleaded not guilty to wounding Mr Said with intent to do him grievous bodily harm, while Daley denied two allegations of assault by beating – one involving Mr Said, the other club doorman Ricky Madge – as well as a charge of common assault on the student’s 24-year-old cousin Mohammed Esreb.

In addition, Goddard, along with Mann, Rennock and Bush all plead not guilty to one charge of affray.

All five, who are stationed at Hyde Park Barracks, were allowed bail until October 17, when their three-week trial is expected to start.
I don't know what happened so I'm not going to judge them. I'm sure the court can make a much more informed decision, based on information provided by witnesses, than a jury of arrse members. Exactly what are you fishing for rabid_hamster?

At the moment all the Soldiers concerned are pleading Not Guilty and that is exactly what they are until proven otherwise.

In MY PERSONAL OPINION WHICH IS NO REFLECTION ON THE OWNERS OR MODERATORS OR OTHER USERS OF THIS SITE this is PROBABLY a case of a drunken fight starts and because the soldiers win they have the book thrown at them while the civilians who MAY HAVE started the fight file a complaint.

Any journalist who might want to quote this should have the decency to quote the entire post.
Just beat me to the punch Lairdx

Note to posters. If you are in a position to know the details of this case , KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

On that note, as with other threads that have started where court cases involving British Armed Forces are coming to trial , this is locked until the verdict is delivered.

Any other threads starting on this topic will be culled

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