House of Lords discussing Reservist Discrimination?

Just been emailed by a friend about this.

Apparently the peers are chatting about creating legislation to stop employers discriminating Voluntary Reservists when it comes to employment or promotion opprotunities.

Anyone working in the big house know anything about this?

I really hope I haven't just been wahhed.
Nice try John.

I have heard DRFCA saying that such anti-discriminatory legislation does not work elsewhere in the world, but as my noble Lord (and ex-Recy Mech) points out, it certainly works in other areas - eg gender, race and now age.

Does anyone know what problems have occured elsewhere in the world, and what unintended consequences might result?

The Lords appear to confuse what I think are separate issues of MoD support for individuals who run into problems with an existing employer and being discriminated against before you even get the job. Hearsay would suggest this is a growing issue.

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