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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Dennis48, Mar 31, 2010.

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  1. Last night the weather over here (Norn Iron) was fecking terrible, wind , rain, sleet blowing a hooley. Our attic roof devlopes a leak and me and the Mrs are running around laying down plastic sheets and placing buckets all over the place. Rang the insurance comany this morning explained to the the situation to them only to be told there was no storm in our area last night. Apparently they get the windspeed from an internet site(wouldn't tell me which one) and the windspeed where I live was only 37mph and it has to be over 49mph to be classed as a storm.
    Doesn't matter that we had monsoon conditions and the BBC weather people were dishing out Severe weather warnings for the area. So now I have to get an assessor around to see if it was the weather that caused the leak send them a report to see if I can claim or not, but it doesn't sound to hopeful.
    Anyone been in this situation before and what they did to get the insurance company to play ball??
  2. Yes. I had exactly the same crap with More Than insurance. I couldn't make them pay, so I will never use them again. My daughter who is a lawyer with one of the major insurance companies told me that companies like More Than and other companies at the cheaper end of the market have water tight contracts full of clauses like the one they quoted to you. Thats how they make their money, by limiting their liability. Now we'll get some ********* pointing out that you should have read the contract you signed with them and whilst thats true, I would advise going to a mainstream insurance company and paying a little more in future.
  3. I am with a so called mainstream company Legal & General, still trying to find out where they get their windspeed from.