House hold cavelry

Discussion in 'RAC' started by wb_paratrooper, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. Hey i was just wondering what its like in the cavelry, life etc can anyone help me as i want to make a choice the royal navy or cavelry.

    Many thanks
  2. It is gud, they lern you how to spel.
  3. Combine the two - ride a hippo.
  4. royal navy and the cav are both the same they both like co..
  5. Unlike the RTR who are co..
  6. its great just make sure you join the life guards and NOT the :puker: blues
  7. Detmold when you in the Life guards?
  8. Hi I was wondering just out of interest in The Household Cavalry there are two Regiments, The Life Guards and The Blues And Royals. Do both of these perform ceremonial duties? Is there any way that you can request not to? lol. I like the job description in the The Household Cavalry apart from the ceremonial side. Cheers in advance for any constructive replies.
  9. If he joins the army in any shape or form he'll be riding hippos at some point in his career!